Wednesday, October 21, 2009

trip to philly

Yea this about sums it up.

Monday, October 5, 2009


So, I have an awesome sweater. And yes it says Broncos on the front. And in case you were wondering, it is THE Denver Broncos.
Its large. Its warm. Its offical sanctioned merchandise of the National Football League. See image below.

Glorious yes? But I must say that this awesome sweater has its price. And that price is the inevitable question asked by all who gaze upon its glory. "So, are you a Broncos fan?"
Now take a minute, look at this beautiful mug and ask yourself... "Does this beautiful mug look like the beautiful mug of a football fan?"

if you answered yes, then you answered correctly. CLEARLY I am a man of great taste and residing within the house that is great taste is football (of course). Almost equally as large as football in the house of taste is the Denver Broncos (of course). And not just any Denver Broncos, but the 1986 - 1999 Broncos, led of course by the internationally famous (and handsome) John Elway, who led his tasteful team to something like a gazillion American Football Conference titles and a bajillion super bowl wins.

As you can see, my sweater bears the colors of the glory days. Back when the ole pigskin gracefully glided from the fingers of Elway the fearless leader into touchdown land. Back before they changed their team colors, when the blue was blue and the orange was orange. So compare these two horses of different colors.

Glory filled blue and orange:

Modern day dull and duller:

Sure Elway wore the Dully McDullerton colors for a couple years, but us Denverites try to forgive and forget. For we are a forgiving and forgetful peoples.

So, I guess, in conclusion I ask that one think before they question my loyalty to Denver and its animal themed sporting team. Just bear witness to my face and remember John and you shall have your answer.

ps - thank you, wikipedia, for giving me all this Denver Broncos knowledge on short notice.

glengarry glen ross

wow guys, the coolest thing ever happened to me yesterday. i was playing jeopardy and the final jeopardy subject was 1980's plays, and before alex even asked the question (or gave the answer or whatever) i was all like it's totally glengarry glen ross. and it was. i won final jeopordy before i even knew the question. i am the new ken jennings.

this is all true fact.

1000 words

The life of Sir Not Appearing In This Film, in four containers.

Saturday, October 3, 2009