Monday, June 30, 2008

New places

This weekend we had wine tastings at two wineries, got lunch in a small town (lunch was about half a pig per person) and went to Isla Negra, one of Pablo Neruda´s houses. It was really beautiful and filled with fun things. It made me feel better about my habits bc his collections were not necessarily valuable things, they were mostly amzing little junk piles. Like lots of colored bottles and shells and piano leg supporters. And the horn of a narwhal! He had huge mast heads from different ships which I think I´m going to start collecting aka Drew please make room for them in the office. The views from the house were incredible bc it is right on the ocean.

I´m having more trouble adjusting to spending so much time with Tulane kids than I am with Chilean culture. Not since high school have I been surrounded by aquaintances who often say things like ¨Those girls from Loyola were total sluts!¨or ¨Maann you are such a faggot.¨These phrases are part of the constant discussion of pot, fraternities and dorm life. I really really dont want to be a snob bc I definitely went through a new to college phase and I think everyone does. But I do have a real problem with some of things they say and we just have very different interests. It´s really only a problem in big group acitvities. Some of the kids are really fun and I hang out with them. Also I have a language partner from the University who is cool and am meeting lots of people. Friday night I went to a club with some Americans from another program and had a great bad decision making time.

Again I know everyone wants to hear about all my current health issues and infections. I had a fun little jaunt last night to the urgent care clinic for a UTI. As fucking painful as that was, the doctor experience was much more pleasant than the US bc it took an hour and 80 dollars instead of 3 hrs and 4000 dollars. Apparently my body didn´t like the sudden change in temperature and that I almost completely stopped drinking water. The program director had to come with me to translate. ¿Como se dice ¨stabbing pain in my uterus¨?

Friday, June 27, 2008

smells from unknown sources

hey duders

i made it to alaska! it took me a 29 hour ferry and a couple long long hitches and an overnight bus ride (and 4-6 hours of trying to hitch out of Prince George unsuccessfully (hence the overnight bus)) but i crossed the entire province of british columbia from the rockies. The ferry was so... long. I had mis-read the ticket and thought i was to arrive 12 hours earlier so those additional minutes were pretty painful. Fortunately, there were some very friendly strangers and unlimited pirated coffee.

In Prince George I stole my first ever cup of coffee. It was pathetic; i ended up giving a kid $2 on the street to return my karma. I was bummed on the city, low on funds, and had Evasion in my head so thievery seemed logical. The only reason I felt bad was because i do not think that coffee shop to be corporate (only determined after the steal took place).

Alaska is so beautiful. Juneau is situated in a rain forest where leaves are bigger than beach-balls and even the insects are giant. The city has no road access to other major cities yet every single person, literally, has a car making everything spaced out. Fortunately, I found a rusty old bike the other day which this morning I rode to a glacier about 9 miles away. Despite the extremely uncomfortable seat, all is well and my eyes have seen colors that were previously unknown.

One last thing: on the ferry through the alaskan channel, I spotted my first ever eagle. This eagle was joined by about 7 of it's eagle friends which then followed the boat long enough to excite a 25+ pack of humpback whales. If ever I have seen the glory of America it was watching a humpback whale jump entirely out of the water while eagles flew overhead. It really was amazing.

My journey is almost over so I will see those of you in Boston soon!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

WE'RE HERE! WE'RE QUEER! apparently you are not ok with that

Here is a fun letter, for your viewing pleasure, that was sent to MassEquality. Please enjoy. Oh, and I have her address if anyone would like to take a trip to Gardner to engage in deviant behavior on her front lawn

We the people, the parents know that family is a man and a woman, husband and wife, father and mother. One man and one woman come together as one to produce children the family. This is

The normal and natural and healthy and sane way that life is complete and honest and decent. This is what true parents strive for, even as many of us make mistakes and have affairs as younger and

Less mature and less responsible people, we create many problems for ourselves and our children. As we grow and mature we begin to understand the complex nature of sound reason. It takes a special

Man and or a special woman to present children with basic facts about life, love and sex. I myself, raised two daughters, never allowed them to date until they were 16 years old. They grew up to be wonderful

Woman, wives and mothers, My daughters never smoked, drank nor got S. T. D. S.. It takes much hard work and truth and faith to raise children into healthy and sound adulthood. This is best left up to the

Natural parents, or in some cases other mature and responsible adults. Children need truth to grow sound and healthy. Homosexuality and all other forms of deviant sexual practices are not healthy nor sane.

If we are honest and truthful looking at the pictures of these so-called gay pride parades, we can see the twisted and manipulated children, and their faces and actions. It is not healthy for the children, nor society

For our youth to parade through the streets yelling about any kind of sexuality. Children need to understand that sexuality is a private and very personal matter, that is a best understood and explored by the guidance

Of their loving parents that care deeply for them. No children come into life without one man and one woman, the way God created mankind. This is the most natural and normal and healthy process of the human

Family. Children need this truth, this gives them faith and you will find they will learn many, many values, morals and principals with the facts, not body manipulation nor sleeping around or having sex with multiple Partners. This is why we see so many educators and adults having sexual relations with children. How do you expect adults to protect children from adult sexual preditors if there are no red flag, such as adults gaining control over children by talking to them about personal matters such as sex. Law makers are required to make laws to protect children from preditors and one’s that would do them harm. It is absolutely

Crucial that parents have the say over the teaching of such personal and private issues. Remember in the garden of life Heterosexulity is the flower that grows and flourishes

Homosexuality is the weeds that wither and die. The truth is the truth and we will not manipulate it to, accommodate the twisted and sin filled minds that seek to destroy the truth and faith of our innocent and pure minds of the children. Parents must bring up their children with decency and truth, honesty and faith. This assures that children will develop normally and with a sense of truth and decency. It is a parental right and responsibility to do the best to rear their children. It is not up to the educators, the lawmakers nor the courts to twist and manipulate our children’s minds, hearts and souls. Lying for votes, power and money is not

Going to make our children healthy and sane. The people are quite feed up with politicians trying to destroy our families and our lives with mandated child abuse. My children don’t need drugs nor homosexual indoctrination, nor transgender rights to grow, they need me, my love as a parent and truth and faith that they have the natural ability to marry, and produce children the way God intended. This is not going to cost the tax payers dididly squat. It is a natural cost to the parents, that is well worth the return. All of society benefits when children are treated the natural truth. It does not take an act of congress to understand this concept Parents, one man, one woman, husband and wife, father and mother producing children the family, from generation to generation. This is not an act of congress, but the act of life itself. Precious and proud, True and decent. All of mankind will come to know this truth, When will you???

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Abrir en una nueva pestaña

That´s espanol for"open in a new tab"

PS This is so long with lots of pop culture references.

Soo I´m in Chile!!! Had flight delays and cancellations but really it was fine bc I was on the same flight as the program director and we got put on a LANChile flight which was the most comfortable plane with the best food I´ve ever been on. Funny things that happened during travel included spending 5 hrs in a hotel in Miami and accidentally dropping my water bottle down the trash chute in the airplane bathroom and having to stand on the toilet to reach down there and get it. I payed 2 bucks and hadn´t even opened it; it was necessary.
Also, having just read "World War Z" and watching "Children of Men", I was a little nervous getting shuffled through another security point in Bogota, Colombia and getting patted down by severe looking military people. I know it´s just paranoia, but srsly, I can´t stop thinking about everything in the context of zombies. I would say it´s getting to be a problem but really you can never be too prepared.

I haven´t see much of Chile yet but I can say that flying in along the coast the mountains were really incredible and looked like Luke´s home planet in "Star Wars." The bus ride from my house to unviersity was gooorrgeeouuuss bc of all the mountains and the bay. My homestay family is so adorable. A mom and two unviersity age daughters AND a small old dog named Jaffiffe´. They don´t really get that my spanish is not that great. I do a lot of agreeing and nervous laughing.

I decided to take the sociology class instead of my next level in Spanish bc hey at this point, what´s yet another class I´m taking that doesn´t actually fulfill a requirement. I´ve come to terms with being in college for the rest of my life.

It´s cold here, but I packed prety well. I discovered this morning that it´s too cold to take a shower. Hot water means not as freezing as cold water. It´s actually a step up from my apartment in New Orleans in the winter bc I have a heated bed here.

I´m really excited about this trip, it´s finally hit me that I´m here for 6 weeks yyaayy. I will have more fun things to tell soon. We´re going to climb a volcano and see Pablo Neruda´s houses. I´m still figuring out if I´m going to fly or bus to Buenos Aires. Going over the Andes in the winter...hmph.

Also, everyone will be happy to know that the staph infection on me knee is starting to go away. It really looked like Jared Leto´s arm in "Requiem for a Dream" for a minute but now I´m finally able to squeeze all the puss out and it´s getting better. Rob, you would´ve yelled at me so bad to leave it alone especially bc it came from a bicycle accident and I should know by now.

Monday, June 23, 2008

a series of tubes

good evening kind freinds. this is my first blog post thing, i'm some what nervous. the internets are a dark and stormy territory for me. i have difficulties navigating this series tubes. its like a truck coming down the inner state, just like ted stevens.

so me and my buddy scott found some decaying human knee bones on some train tracks in worcester behind a tattoo shop. there were two of them. they were covered in bugs. whoever left them there had access to a bone saw. i took a picture with my phone, mom said i should've called the cops, but i pocked them with my shoe instead. there also was a severed possum head, but i believe that was a separate incident.

i got the venus demilo from salvidor dali's hallucinogenic toredor tattooed on my side and ribs on saturday. i plan on going back in a month to get a statue of emperor augustus on the other side because i'm a nerd and am obsessed with symmetry. i was surprised, it was my least painful tattoo, although i did take a perkiest before. i now am up to 6 tattoos, and have plans for at least 4 more. luckily my friend does them for cheap for me. my latest only coast $80, and took close to 2 hours.

time to go eat.

Friday, June 20, 2008

The doctor throws down the gauntlet!

Greetings from the New Orleans Public Library! Yes, even in the second world they have wireless.

So all things considered, I think things are going about as well as could be expected here for me (aside from one notable exception that I don't feel like mentioning). I am meeting lots of new people, and I'm quickly realizing what a small, rad city this is. Everyone knows everyone in the community of young people here. And besides that, everyone knows what it's like to be new and in a strange place, so they are all super welcoming and nice to n00bs like me.

The weather is hellish at best, admittedly - I rode 20 minutes to Whole Foods last night at 7 pm and by the time I got there, I had totally sweated through my shirt in about 47 different places. By the time I got home, the shirt was little more than a sweat rag. The best part is, it's only going to get more hot and humid from here. On the plus side, I think I've lost about 65 pounds since I got here, so I am looking waifish AND pale.

I miss all of you dearly and can't wait to come up in July. Drukkake reunion = teh r0x0rs. Prepare to have your faces melted.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

i will blog for the masses because no one else will

tidings from Lake Louise, canada! the water here is spearmint green from all the glacier melt. It looks delicious. My friend and i hitched successfully, starting with none other than a bus driver. As the bus was approaching i said, "wouldnt it be funny if this bus picked us up" and then it did... just the two of us on an empty greyhound-like bus. He only took us about a mile to the highway but it was sweet. Then an older israeli couple and then a hippy caravan where 4 people were in the back lying on a big bed. So strange and good.

hows the chairman?

I am only complaining:

a few days ago i found myself by a lake working on my tan in kelowna, canada. It was sweet.

I neglected to put sunscreen on my back and fell asleep. It sucked but... no big worry. About an hour ago i started getting these screeching attacks of sharp pain in my back from this sunburn. Think of a ravenous crow or raven trying to get something just below your skin.

I dont have anyone else to complain to so you are all subject to my banter.

ill be back in early july. Its planned out in my journal so it will be truth in no time

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Great Chairman

So, after much time and anticipation chairman meow has finally moved into the space machine. Sam was kind enough to post a picture of the lovely creature in the previous post. Please feel free to save it as the background of your computer, or, print a copy to carry with you in your wallet. Wait... do people still do that? And of course if you were not present at Sam and John's birthday party this past Saturday, for reasons unknown, you must make an appointment to come by for a private viewing. I promise it will be worth the trip. He is a very welcome 4th roommate for the month of June as it is just me, Sam and Kyle and we are feeling Rob Bottomly's absence greatly. The Charman has succeeded in filling some of the empty space.
In other news, I would like to point out that there is no other news. I spent the entire day yesterday watching the entire first season of arrested development and have every intention of doing the same tonight. Thank you and goodnight.

Super Awesome John McCain Freedom Pool Party!!

Oh my gosh! Thank you all for a super awesome birthday weekend. And for an even more awesome John McCain cake (John McCake, obviously). This weekend was also Boston Pride. Which was gay. No, it was pretty fun.

For what do you yearn? Equality! When do you want it? Post haste!

I am posting some pictures from Pride. Hopefully Cory will post pictures from the Super Awesome Theme-less John McCain Freedom Pool Party too. I really want to be blond. I guess dying my hair black last week was a poor life choice.

Also, here is a picture of Chairman Meow.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

blame canada

hey duders, greetings from Vancouver! 

I have been couch surfing and wandering and what-have-you into Canada (despite some pretty intense grilling at the border for some reason). 

kdhl,  I will not be making it to the south before you leave. I love you.

I have decided to stay out here in the cold wet north instead of flying somewhere because... i worked really hard to get here so I might as well keep on with tradition. Right? Tomorrow I leave vancouver (which I should note that I will be moving here whenever the opportunity arises- It is too cool to describe fully but highlights include: surfing and world renowned snoboarding each an hour away, skateparks, cheap cheap cheap delicious dim sem and sushi, a giant park at the tip of the city and Mountains everywhere!) I have been staying with the couch surfing guru who has been hosting 4-12 travellers each night I have been here. The first night was two german dudes (very funny), two lady musicians from SF that played a free living room show for us (so good, really), a beautiful swedish groupie that matt brudner made out with (you can all give him a high five when you see him as it is very well deserved), three french canadians, a slew of mexican guys and girls, a girl from wales and a girl from melbourne and i think someone else that I am forgetting. So ridiculous and wonderful. 

so, I am going to try and head north and fly home from Juneau I think. If the path is too hard or at any point the trip sucks, its back south or east or... somewhere. Thats the plan at least- its the first actual decision i have made this trip and it wasnt easy. 

Boston: while you have enjoyed 100 degree weather, the thermometer has not crested 65 the entire trip. When I return, I refuse to wear pants for at least 48 hours. Maybe the duration of the summer- time will tell.  For example: i camped in the grand tetons by driving south long enough to not set up camp in 4 feet of snow. Literally! 

Hasta luego mis amigos. Amor para usted. 

Thursday, June 12, 2008

okay, apologies for the general lack of coherence in that last post

I was feeling especially hungover/dramatic/emo, and when that song came on it just kind of pushed me over the edge.

I made it to New Orleans safe and sound, and much quicker than I had anticipated. I made stops in Asheville, Nashville and Memphis, and I'm really glad that I took the time to do that. I have no idea how much time I actually spent in the car or how many cups of coffee and energy drinks I had, but I do know that I traveled 1,531 miles in 44 hours, with some stops and a little bit of sleeping mixed in.

Thanks to all you who listened to me blabber on during the drive - the road is a lonely place, and the sea is a cruel mistress.

Here are a couple of pics - a little tease tease for the taste buds. If I ever get my act together, I will post the rest on Facebook.

The hills in Tennessee going toward Asheville:

Skeptical and haggard after 5 straight hours of driving:

Cutest kitten evar (his name is Toby!!!), Kirsten's house in Asheville:

View from Broadway, downtown Asheville:

Fireworks supermarket, East Bumfuck, TN:

Cumberland River, Nashville, TN:

Broadway, Nashville, TN:

Riverfront Drive/Mississippi River, Memphis, TN:

Beale Street, Memphis, TN:

One of Elvis' jets at Graceland (I didn't go in):

Welcome to Louisiana!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

I know we'll meet again some sunny day

Johnny Cash released "The Man Comes Around" shortly before he died in September 2003. On it, he recorded a couple of originals that fucking rock (the title track comes to mind - it's the song in the the opening scene of the Dawn Of The Dead remake) and a bunch of covers that'll make you laugh, cry, remember, forget and mostly break your fucking heart.

Anybody remember this video?

He recorded a portion of it after his wife, June Carter Cash, died in April 2003. Johnny was never the same, but Rick Rubin, who recorded his last four albums, said that Cash still came into the studio every day, wearing his long black preacher coat that only he could pull off, and recorded new stuff. He didn't have anything else.

After a string of bad luck and albums in the 80s, country music had abandoned Cash - then he put out those albums on American Recordings and died before anyone in the country music scene could recognize that Cash had gotten back his swagger. The ultimate "fuck you".

He ended his last album with an amazing cover of "We'll Meet Again", which kinda makes me laugh through my sadness and anger, the way only a really good friend can do.

So today, my last day on the east coast before I depart for the drrty drrty, I just wanted to say to y'all - we'll meet again. I love you all more than you will ever know.

(Man, how cheesy was THAT?)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Hello Friends!

I am writing from a very warm home in boise idaho with a cat on my lap. Our hostess has left for work, offered towls (she may have been hinting at something) and a leisurely departure. The smell of tenting, constant driving, hiking, sleeping on a rug that was prior the home of a dog or three, and few to no showers/ clothes changes have brewed into a smell that is something less that good. Her shower offer was probably more of a demand

Our Host, Abby, gave an exceptional tour of boise which has proved to be nothing short of awesome. Who knew? Boise has a lot of small city charm with a more outdoors spirit and homey feel. We hiked a very unexpected inner-city mountain last night and ate better pizza than boston has offered me in ages. Again, who knew. So much of this trip is being pleasantly surprised by people and places, but i guess that is just travel.

I miss you's dearly and ms kdhl, im going to try and come your way. A pretty ridiculous e-chat the other day, no? hmm sorry about that, i was in a weird state. lolz

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

No tengo mucho tiempo!

So I realized yesterday I leave for Chile in less than 20 days. Which caused me to realize that I have a whole lot to do here so The Abstract doesn't close. Then I remembered I'm taking 5 days off work in that time to go to NJ and have a road trip with Drew. Oops.

This all means I am still going to NJ to see the fam but I feel too guilty about work so I'm missing out on Nashville and camping and gypsy punks to fly back to NOLA Monday morning.
Argh, things I hate right now:
-writing grants
-paperwork for HUD
-my neighbors that criminalize homelessness

BUT, things I love lately:
-sweating all the booze out
-lots of vegetables from the farmer's market

And Mcintyre and AmyNO will be here tomorrow for hang out fun times and Droo will be here in less than a week for more lengthy times.

Also, I was hanging out in a cemetery the other day. Beautiful:

blatant self promotion

So in addition to posting here, I keep a blog of my own over at a little place I like to call Plastic Coffee Cups. I just uploaded a couple of photos from a trip to Atlantic City. I'll be putting up the rest on Facebook whenever it stops being a little bitch.

Here's one of your favorite hetero life mate couple:

We're so fucking cute it hurts me in deep down places.

UPDATE: I made a post about a conversation Sam King Grr and I had over there, so check check check it:


Monday, June 2, 2008

vehicular homicide

Regardless of who you are supporting in the Democratic Primary (that will never ever end) I think we can all agree that this is fucktarded. Why would you ever, ever do this to your car? It's Monday morning and this makes me angrier than it should.