Tuesday, June 30, 2009

john came down again

what do you think happened?

ohmansomanydaiquiris • daydrinking • bestdickinthebywater! • drunkbikerides • sweetchristwhere'stheibuprofen • sweatsweatsweat • ohgodyeseggandcheese • whiskey?you'retookind • johnstophittingonthatbartender! • blackoutdrunkinatubeonariver • blackoutdrunkinthequarter • blackoutdrunkeverywhere • heyknowwhothatis?bestdickinthebywater! • drinkinguntil7am • ughit's10:30alreadyshitwe'regonnabelatetotheairport!

yea that sums up....one - two days of it?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

my spellcheck is in spanish so this will be bad

hey all. where have you all run off to? Probably a similar corner of the world wide web that I have been hiding in. Mine smells of wine and history papers tonight. Music videos and a lot of head scratch dandruff pilling up on my literally coffee covered notebooks. All of them. They are all covered in coffee.

In just a few days (four more or less) i finish classes which in turn means i finish college. Woof. In two days time I move out of my apartment and stay on a generous friend's floor for the duration of the semester and then take a hike northward to Bolivia for a three-four week adventure. then back to upstate new york and then to... unclear.

but i have made it this far which i am proud of and exhausted by. I can speak spanish to pretty girls now with enough butchery to get the point across and them not to reply in english. Mission accomplished.

in retrospect, this trip was an inverse of every single detail of my life. well, a good deal of them. Actually, curriculum and language are the only big ones i guess but... it was pretty drastic no less. But this time i dont have any big plans to come. No thoughts of next steps beyond finding all of you lovelies in your respective corners of the internet.

My brother came down to these parts for a little under two weeks for the longest stretch of bottomley time spending in what we decided to be about ten years. Mind you, we get along pretty well and actually consider one another friends despite the bloodline obligations but whoa damn, two weeks with one person is a long time. A really good time. we journeyed to the andes with a tent and not much else to find not surprisedly snow and freezing freezing cold. Without any preparation what-so-ever (including but not limited to a place to sleep, a weather report, warm clothing, or a real idea of where exactly Cavahue is on a map) we journeyed as two american idiots a good deal into the wild. Not all the way- it was too god damn cold, but we got pretty close. 22 hours by bus southwest to the top of patagonia, we hiked into a snow storm with 30+ mph head wings and then hiked out of it, drank stolen whiskeys on the busride which were spilled on both my feet/shoes and chris' shirt, spoke spanish with mountain men, and were caught really offgaurd waking up to a foot and a half of sleet/slush/snow. My tent wasnt used as we found refuge in a guys house specifically available without advertisement for people like us. Idiots. I mean, people in need. It was run by this Hank Reardon looking dude married to one of the few women in the town and had pictures of really epic mountain activities on the wall.

And then chris left on saturday and I wasnt going to go out but received a pretty tempting offer "to finish our bottle of patron before a party". I mean, who can resist? By the time I got there the two american girls who made the invite had actually done most of the damage but they still took me to their party hosted by Norwegians in northern buenos aires. Strange, no? It was a really exceptional mix of people and languages with mostly spanish spoken between flags from all over. I met a bolivian girl on the porch with cold hands who put them in mine and then we stayed like that for a while. You know, romantic. And only a day before i was so frustrated by a shitty coffee order language exchange and a struggle to pick up laundry and then romance. Such beautiful things sometimes.

i wont see her again most likely and i am still excited to come home except this time most of you will be in far away places. Like a forced hobo just to share a drink in person. I can do that.


Monday, June 15, 2009


You know it's bad when even the National Weather Service changes their graphics and resorts to three letter descriptions for entire days.

Just look at that barren hellscape that I'm going to live in for the next two days. Looks like Flagstaff. Ugh.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The good life

Ted Bowman was in New Orleans for a glorious week. He was here for less than an hour when he got yelled at by the streetcar conductor for trying to bring on a cup of whiskey. Once I got out of work he was drunk and hiding in the Ritz Carlton without cell phone service and I was afraid I had lost him in his first three hours in town. It was a good start. It was really awesome that Ted got along so well with my friends here after a few days bc initially when I was at work and would leave him alone he'd get drunk and confused or bitten by insects or spill things on himself.

We went all over the city, got drunk before noon a couple times and had fancy schmancy dinner at Jacquesimo's. Friday I sent Ted to Miss Mae's while I was closing the coffee shop and he had seven $1 drinks in an hour so when I went to collect him he was hiding behind the trash cans outside from a man named Greg who was trying to hold Ted's attention by buying him liquor and being very forward. We ran away and stopped at the next bar where he made me do four red snappers in fifteen minutes and after that I think we danced, maybe I got in a fight at the taco stand and we def did more shots. But I can't really be sure of the accuracy or order of any of that.

Other highlights of the trip included getting a cab company to deliver Monopoly to my house at 10 pm on a Wednesday which I had no idea you could do and then the afternoon we went swimming at the Hotel Monteleone's pool. When someone from the hotel asked us to register with our room number Ted handled it beautifully with his best authority voice, fake room number and obtained more strawberry abita in the process. Fabulous.

In other news, summer is great. I've been doing a lot with the GNO Fair Housing Action Center and trying to make a dent in my overly ambitious reading list. Also, I started doing roller derby! I love it so so so much. My body hated me after the last practice in the park for falling without wristguards and somehow rolling into the dirt but I'm really happy about all of it. My roller derby girl name: Moxycontin.

Today I went to a birthday brunch at the Columns Hotel, now am headed to an open bar party for a coworker and then I will watch Tank Girl with my roommate and go into a vegetative state for a while.