Wednesday, June 16, 2010

There was blood

Samantha: so tell me more of this break in, but tell me as if it occurred in a nancy drew novel

9 minutes
2:06 PM me: the night was dark
2:08 PM Nancy and Bill went to a near by bar to see a band and visit with friends.
2:09 PM Nancy had every intention of going home in an hour or so, as she wanted to get up early the next day
2:10 PM but she ended up seeing several people out and before they knew it it was past 2 o'clock and the bartender was starting to kick people out
2:12 PM Bill said that he had to go by his place to pick up some clothes for the next day before heading back to Nancy's house to go to sleep.
2:13 PM As the two of them rode together to the bar, nancy agreed to go along will Bill to his house to pick up his stuff
2:14 PM they arrived at the house to find Bill's two roommates, who had also just arrived looking concerned and scared.
"have either one of you been bleeding today?" Zack asked as they walked through the door
2:15 PM "no" nancy and bill replied together.
Samantha: haha nancy, your period!
me: because there is blood everywhere
2:17 PM They then looked over to the living room window and saw that the glass had been broken and was shattered all over the living room floor
there was a trail of blood leading from the broken window into the hallway.
2:18 PM they followed the trail of blood into the bathroom and saw it smeared all over the bathroom sink.
2:20 PM continuing on, they found blood on the light switches of all the bedrooms, and some on the bedroom floors, indicating that the intruder searched the whole house
2:21 PM there was even blood in Bernie's closet.
but nothing was missing.
the cash that Bill left on his dresser in plain sight was still there
the guitars in the living room hadn't been touched,
2:22 PM the playstation and computers were intact.
it was a matter of moments before Nancy and the boys realized that the intruder wasn't looking for something. They were looking for someone.
2:23 PM to be continued
Samantha: oh my, that is a scary tale
and well told indeed

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Biking biking biking

Here I am in Buffalo, NY, land of Buffalo wings and hippies. Justin and I are eleven days in to the trip. It's strange and wonderful how slow time is going. It feels like it's been months since Joan's wedding, and even last week seems so long ago. Waking up in one town and then working really hard for hours to go forty miles and then being in a totally different place splits up the day in a really defined way. The wedding was so much fun, Joan was gorgeous and please look at Robert Bottomley's flickr for awesome pictures and a chicken fighting video. If the audio was clearer you could hear Joey P asking for a helmet since he's already trying to sort out head injuries and me screaming no mercy. Watch for Ted Bowman punching Grandma in the chest where it all falls apart.

We've gone 370 miles with just the Canadian stretch left till Detroit and then the US Social Forum. Then Chicago and New Orleans via train. Almost every person who has asked where we're from has then asked about the oil spill and it's always in the back of my mind. It surprised me to see a storefront here with lots of pictures of oil covered seagulls and info about the spill with a criticizing list of everything Buffalo could recycle but doesn't. The more people who are aware of the constantly gushing oil that is killing everything in the gulf the more glimmers of hope I have, but srsly, FUCK BP.

The riding of the bicycle has definitely gotten easier. After crossing over the Berkshire Mountains, which I thought was going to make me cry and/or collapse, all the hills just don't seem as bad. There's been a lot of rain but it's a good excuse to chill out and explore. We spent an extra day in Pittsfield, MA and got to see this awesome documentary, Con-Artist, about crazy Mark Kostabi and go candlepin bowling. Met an old couple there from CA who go on a vacay every year to the Northeast for weeks and just hit up every candlepin bowling alley.

We've had really great hosts through couchsurfing and just asking people if we could camp in their backyards. Except in Canadaigua, NY where all the people we asked basically told us to leave town until a really really wasted guy said we could sleep in his yard and use the hot tub and pool. Score! The next morning he had this look that wasn't totally an "I forgot I said this was okay" look, but he seemed a little puzzled when we came inside.

Heading to a hippie-dippie art market now and tomorrow Niagara Falls. Maybe in Canada it never rains and is totally flat. And maybe there's a bike path across all of Ontario so trucks won't pass me at 60 mph and I feel like I may fly into a ditch. It's possible?

Monday, June 7, 2010

live free or die hard II: revenge of the cats

big thanks to big cat tilley for "unclenching his fist" or whatever. that said, i do not wish to adopt his views on foreign affairs. i hate those asshole spammers. whenever i check the blog and see that there are 4 or 5 comments on a new post, i think to myself "what a day, my human friends are commenting on each other's posts again. praise be!". but then, it turns out to be some asshole saying legitimately creepy things about cats dying. i am tired of these spammers terrorizing our blog. so i updated the blog so that only authors can view posts. if we have a human friend who is not an author but enjoys reading our blog (we don't) let me know and i will make said human friend an author. if we miss our spammer's cryptic fables (we might) i can always change the settings back. thank you and god bless america, etc.