Monday, November 30, 2009

Adventure to Killarney

Soo I will be returning to the great state of New Jersey for Christmastime, which is a mere three hours from Hartford. I am planning on stealing the family mini van and heading to Allison's pagan gathering on the 23rd. I would love love love to meet up with other people there or pick you up if you're on the way. Mel and Rob, you've been voted most likely to be convinced to go for geographic reasons. Everyone in that region think about it and Silva I will see you in < 30 days.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Two confirmed, Sir

Well hello there. Long time lurker, first time poster. By some force of nature I was awarded a free video camera at work the other week. At first I thought it would see absolutely no use, but grandma quickly looked beyond its plastic facade and saw it's true beauty as a device to record drunk people.

After considerable drinking, and after the bars closed, grandma and I took to the streets to see what shenanigans we could capture. Our question of the night was what the great denizens of cambridge thought about the senate runoff election. Armed to the teeth with vodka and miller high life, we were able to get some pretty epic responses, however nothing beats our final video taken around 6am. We will definitely have to do this again some time in the near future. All bostonians not appearing are welcome.

PS. I'm bringing this to new orleans (maybe)

PPS. I slept in cory's bed.

you can't cure a sock in the puss with a sock in the puss

So I am not sure how it happened but... I am both employed and very much in Boston. Remember how I was *complaining* about no one responding to my employment attempts?... well still no responses. Somehow through the magical grapevine of weird happenings, my name was suggested for interview at a biofuel company in cambridge and well... here i sit now. Pretty weird. So I have been employed for about a month and have availed myself to the wonderful world of dental insurance. I guess I am still an intern but I get benefits. My god. I thrift stored some sweaters and interviewed with shitty facial hair and they still took me and I still have shitty facial hair and I am still here. So now I spend my days in scenic east cambridge building things that support things that eat carbon and sweat out a fuel. I get to remain dirty while scientists do science all around. Its not bad.

But. Now I am held to Boston. Kind of at gun point. And the gun being held by Sallie Mae herself straight to my temple, poking me monthly with statements that more or less remind me that I am still just paying for the interest.

In other words... the man has taken a firm grip on my groin and will not be letting go for the next ten or so years. All of you sirs not appearing know this grip- tight yet non clenching. Nagging but not quite invasive so it is almost forgotten until the end of the month when it politely plucks a thigh hair and makes my eyes water. Or something.

Joey P and I went to a Bruins game the other night where I caught a "t shirt wrapped like a burrito" - sponsor: Chipotle. For this size XL masterpiece I made a career high catch and celebrated pretty enthusiastically while a gigantic dude sitting behind me said something to the extent of "that shirt burrito is wrapped almost as tight as your jeans [fag]". He had a head tattoo and has definitely drank more than my weight in bud heavies so there was definitely no witty reply.

And that is about it. If anyone is around Boston for the weekend after thanksgiving weekend (which is fucking december...), there will be a friend feast in Jamaica Plain. Due to weird scheduling, the plan is to have a post thanksgiving thanksgiving with after-holiday recession turkey and all the trimmings. You are all invited. My stuffing was once described as "a heart pounding, thrilling, and theatrical event... Two thumbs up" which was coincidentally the exact same review given to new york's famed broadway performance "Cats". It is just that good.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

quiet girls! cant you see i am blogging?

I shall be in Boston Dec 14-20, convincing all of you to make poor life choices with me.

Cory and I are planning on going to see the Slutcracker on Dec 19th. We will be drinking before, after and during and the show. You should all join us in this quest for fun. I would also like to go to Foleys and build a snow fort. Please brainstorm other fun things that you would like to do with me.

See you in 3 (three) weeks! I look very forward to this.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Post Cards


go here if answer is 'yes'... i mean 'me'

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I'm printing my zine today!!!!!

OMFG finally!!!!

It's called "Something Happened Here" and it's about this past summer in NOLA. It features artwork contributions from Sirs Not Appearing Richard and Peaches, as well as Sir Not Appearing Extended Network member Ryan H McIntyre.

I would be pleased as punch to send one to you if you'd like one. Just e-mail me yr address (drew.stephan [at] gmail [dot] com) and I'll send one along as soon as I can!

Here's the cover!