Monday, April 13, 2009

I never know what to title these GD things

Today is my first day back at classes and it feels so surreal. I'm still in school? I still need to study the human digestive system? Lame. Spring Break was really great. The road trip to Knoxville went smoothly except when at some point on the highway there was a couch in our lane and some swerving needed to be done to avoid the furniture and horse trailer in front of us. It was really nice to see my fam for such a short while. They gave me an adorable bicycle and I gave them Louisiana strawberries. I went with someone who grew up there and he showed me the glory that is Knoxvegas. It's definitely a city but also a suburb of itself. More chain restuarants than I thought possible to be in one place. Chains I thought only existed in airports have mulitple locations in Knoxville. The mountains were gorgeous though and the scene was good. They have a lot of sphere shaped things as well.

Being out of New Orleans I got to enjoy:

-Blueberry beer
-A little snow
-The Mall
-Vegetarian food

On the way back we stopped in Birmingham at the Civil Rights Institute. Although I think the museum was kind of poorly done, I really liked the photographs and the in depth look they gave at Birmingham's history since I never learn about the Civil Rights movement in anything but a national perspective.

Rest of my vacay time was fabulous as well. Went to the beach, started working at a coffee shop and burned the shit out of my hand trying to learn to steam milk, did some gardening, ate crawfish, got ridiculous at my friend Samantha's 21st bday party and fell asleep in the grass outside her house.

Mere weeks are left in the semester and then it's all swimming, sweating and galavanting all the time.

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