Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Ok kids - I made the blog a little wider in order to accommodate videos a little better. However, I feel like it might be _too_ wide. (Scroll down to some longer posts, see if they are hard to read.) So, let me know. I can change it.

I am in California right now, at a non-profit mobile technology conference. ::makes jerk off motion:: It's okay, but it's not even half over and I'm already ready to pistol whip the next person who says "twitter". Someone asked me for my twitter feed in a workshop today. ::vomits in mouth::

Other than that, it's wicked fun. Much needed break from New Orleans, though I am missing most of Tedley Bowmantonshire's visit to NOLA. I think I will catch him for about 25 minutes on Saturday night, after a three hour layover in Vegas. (They have slots in the airport there - bad news for Drew.)

Long conspicuous absence from Sir Not Appearing On This Blog, I know - I've quit smoking, haven't been getting drunk every night, and am busily entering the ranks of developer douchebaggery in the Silicon Valley. WTF?


robert said...

looks good drew twittertwittertwitter

Spagett! said...