Tuesday, June 30, 2009

john came down again

what do you think happened?

ohmansomanydaiquiris • daydrinking • bestdickinthebywater! • drunkbikerides • sweetchristwhere'stheibuprofen • sweatsweatsweat • ohgodyeseggandcheese • whiskey?you'retookind • johnstophittingonthatbartender! • blackoutdrunkinatubeonariver • blackoutdrunkinthequarter • blackoutdrunkeverywhere • heyknowwhothatis?bestdickinthebywater! • drinkinguntil7am • ughit's10:30alreadyshitwe'regonnabelatetotheairport!

yea that sums up....one - two days of it?


KDHL said...

After the way I felt Thursday morning I concede that splitting a gallon of daquiri with Gma and Joey P may not have been the best idea I've ever head. Maybe.

KDHL said...


I'm not drunk now, I swear.