Monday, December 21, 2009

wheres them greener grasses

Winter soltice today!

I saw Up in the Air this weekend- george clooney can say anything and
I would buy it but the movie itself kind of frustrated me. Basically
george clooney's job is to fly around the country 95% of the year to
deliver the bad news during layoffs. It is all about his independence,
transient relationships, and general lack of ties to anyone which in
the end, proved to not be a good thing. Not very Buddhist. The movie
began with these head shots of people really pissed about just getting
fired- "what am i going to tell my family", "how will we eat", some
light crying... etc. etc. and then the movie ended with these same
people saying something to the extent of "at least I have my wife to
be by my side", "thank god i have family"...

Basically it just really annoyed me that the one consolation for being
fired was something that is pretty rare- a successful family and
relationship. This was the only consolation, leaving all single,
separated, divorced, excommunicated, etc. etc. people who are probably
in the majority with no solace. The movie did not mention these people
nor did it fill in a number of blanks- like the babe frequent flier
that george clooney sleeps with in hotels around the country only to
find out that she had a husband and kids and had "succeeded" in
comparison. For a number of reasons I identified with ol' george in
the movie and was more or less left for dead in the ending. Now I am
pretty pissed about it.

But otherwise a pretty epic weekend. Sam and Drew blessed boston's
sacred soils for a pretty good reunion on saturday night. Ramming
speed and Witches with Dicks benefit show for cancer sold out and
raged in allston. Then a snowy walk to phily native: eric Rhorrryyy
(phonetically) 's christmas party down the street. Highlights include
talking heads dance party and eric belligerently humping the christmas
tree. And the girl that john brought from the Sports Depot after the
saints game. Drew wrastled with eric some, peaches tap danced, i took
a picture of eric drinking a hurricane on the ground while someone
used their boot to forcefully nudge his face, sam kept the dancing
torch a-flame and mel's bufont (I might be spelling that wrong- but
her hair style) survived a snow storm. Then a sleepover that i woke up
from first and crept out sneakily (not really, but everyone was still
passed out at noon and I was dying for some eggs). Thanks dudes and
dudettes- it was pretty fun.

over and out.


Werd said...

It was certainly a pleasure to see you as well, good doctor! Sorry I didn't make it to Hartford, but I'll see you in NOLA soon, yes yes, quite.

It's funny that you mentioned all that stuff about that movie, and about how yr only successful if you have kids, are married, etc. This bullshit is shoveled down our throats as soon as we're born! I see people struggle with this all the time. What's wrong with being by yourself?? And WHAT THE FUCK IS SO GREAT ABOUT KIDS??

< / rant>

Pretty Kittens said...
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Pretty Kittens said...


children have this interesting ability to eat anything (and i mean anything) and poop gold, thus making them a HOT commodity

ps, i spelled commodity wrong last time

KDHL said...

i could've sworn that said

"And the girl that john bought from the Sports Depot after the
saints game"

which, in my mind, makes perfect sense.