Wednesday, June 16, 2010

There was blood

Samantha: so tell me more of this break in, but tell me as if it occurred in a nancy drew novel

9 minutes
2:06 PM me: the night was dark
2:08 PM Nancy and Bill went to a near by bar to see a band and visit with friends.
2:09 PM Nancy had every intention of going home in an hour or so, as she wanted to get up early the next day
2:10 PM but she ended up seeing several people out and before they knew it it was past 2 o'clock and the bartender was starting to kick people out
2:12 PM Bill said that he had to go by his place to pick up some clothes for the next day before heading back to Nancy's house to go to sleep.
2:13 PM As the two of them rode together to the bar, nancy agreed to go along will Bill to his house to pick up his stuff
2:14 PM they arrived at the house to find Bill's two roommates, who had also just arrived looking concerned and scared.
"have either one of you been bleeding today?" Zack asked as they walked through the door
2:15 PM "no" nancy and bill replied together.
Samantha: haha nancy, your period!
me: because there is blood everywhere
2:17 PM They then looked over to the living room window and saw that the glass had been broken and was shattered all over the living room floor
there was a trail of blood leading from the broken window into the hallway.
2:18 PM they followed the trail of blood into the bathroom and saw it smeared all over the bathroom sink.
2:20 PM continuing on, they found blood on the light switches of all the bedrooms, and some on the bedroom floors, indicating that the intruder searched the whole house
2:21 PM there was even blood in Bernie's closet.
but nothing was missing.
the cash that Bill left on his dresser in plain sight was still there
the guitars in the living room hadn't been touched,
2:22 PM the playstation and computers were intact.
it was a matter of moments before Nancy and the boys realized that the intruder wasn't looking for something. They were looking for someone.
2:23 PM to be continued
Samantha: oh my, that is a scary tale
and well told indeed


KDHL said...

ahhh this makes me want to re read The Mystery at Lilac Inn and other Nancy Drew tales! except i always felt like her or one of her friends got kidnapped in a really dumb way in every book.

kri, did you get kidnapped in a stupid way after you found the blood?

kritaliation said...

as of yet I have not been kidnapped. But, the mystery as not been solved. So, if I suddenly and inexplicably disappear send out the search party. We have a real (?) detective on the case but 3 weeks have passed and he still hasn't given us results from the blood samples they took from the house that night. We also have a suspect, who is yet at large.
I am also nostalgic for the adventures of Nancy Drew. If you come visit can we sit around a fire and read one aloud? Please?