Wednesday, May 28, 2008

never have i ever thrown a cupcake and started a war

Jesus Christ! I almost started a war this weekend; a war which shall be known forever and ever as the Cupcake War.

I was at a party in JP and this drunk kid threw a cupcake. As soon as he threw it I had this cartoon image of a cupcake hitting the wall and slowly sliding down, leaving a trail of vegan frosting. So I encouraged him to throw more. Which was surely a poor life choice but nothing in comparison to what happened next. Drunk Kid threw the cupcake, not at the wall but at the angry dudes in the corner. Within, like, seconds there was a huge fight. Over a cupcake. And it was my fault. So I stood up and said that I threw the cupcake, hoping that everyone would just calm the fuck down. While my taking blame for the cupcake totally quelled the situation with the angry dudes ("Oh, it was just some Bitch"); it caused some girl to try to fight me. Like, actual aggression in your face type fighting. Over a cupcake. Never have I ever seen so many angry people in one room.

Memorial Day 2008 // Cupcake War // Never Forget.

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KDHL said...

That is actually the second instance in Boston that I know of in which a baked good created a huge scene.

Rob and Grandma might remember James' Bday at 128 Calumet a few years ago in which Tony Morreale threw an oreo at one of us, but it accidentally hit a bro dude neighbor in the face. Why he was in our kitchen in the first place I don't know. But all of a sudden dude is pushing Tony into the corner and pummeling him. We broke it up and I kicked them out, Tony was fine. The guy was all "I'm SORRY I just thought you were trying to start some shit" And I was all "It was a fucking cookie you idiot leave now." Really it was just absurd.

Beware flying oreos and vegan cupcakes!