Thursday, May 29, 2008

Or does the water get him instead?

Ok, quick tidbits -

- I have a mohawk. I have gotten more than a few Travis Bickle comments, which John would be very proud of. I'm wearing aviators and fatigues as much as I can.

- John and Claire are coming here in a few hours. It's going to be a shit show, obv.

- I am officially freaking out about moving. I move in like 10 days. I haven't packed. I'm having trouble sleeping. Thank gahd for beer.

- I no longer have a mustache. For mustachioed men, these are trying times in which we live.

- We are going to Atlantic City tomorrow night. It's going to be amazing.

- If you're looking for really good reading this summer that won't take a ton of brain power, I recommend checking out Aaron Cometbus. I've read two of his books now and they are both really amazing. Many thanks to my roommate Mo for introducing me. Good travel writing about crust punks and squatting and stuff.

1 comment:

Big Cat Tilley said...

I'm disappointed you shaved the stash. It would have been great to see you with Mohawk and Mustache combo, nothing classier than the ol' M and M.