Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ask me about my tooters

I searched high and low for jobs when I got back to New Orleans. But since I spent all my money on booze in Boston (which btw was such a fun trip), I am very broke and couldn't really wait for shi-shi restaurants to call me back. So now my somewhat lucrative and very aggravating job is being a shot girl on Bourbon Street.

Here I've been using my canvassing skills to sell test tubes of jager and apple pucker to drunk businessmen and tourists. As much as I love being leered at and groped for 8 hr shifts, it sucks. Speaking of sucking, the trademark of the venue is the blow job shot, which I am just getting so good at. This entails deepthroating the shot whilst it is in said business man's mouth. Delivering alcohol in this manner is encouraged by management whereas, we were told, body shots are absolutely unacceptable and trashy. Oh right.

The money is decent on Fridays and Saturdays but really does not make up for the abuse or lost dignity. I'm hoping to just make enough over the next couple weekends to pay the rent and then be able to find a source of income which does not giving blow jobs, real or illusioned.


kritaliation said...


Spagett! said...

I can't really think of anything to say that won't make you hate me forever. Sorry.

robert said...

recession takes it's toll in many ways. I have been giving body shots to drunk people on fifth avenue... i know... nothing is sacred.

GrrlMonstrr said...

once upon a time when the economy was still lush, i took a job as a licker gal. we were the "classy" company because we wore jeans and t-shirts (see napkins with "smirnoff" emblazoned across the breasts). i was able to keep my pride down for a couple weeks before bailing completely. the money wasn't too bad but yeah...that whole bj thing sounds...yucky. the last night you are scheduled to work there you should send drew in a bikini in your place.