Wednesday, September 30, 2009

come back to me baby

hello sirs and madams not appearing. Literally. So team boston has lost two more and it could very well lose the battle all together. My god the thought of this winter is dismal. Well at least the fall is fucking beautiful. While you transplanted southerners bask in above freezing weather this winter, I will hold tight to the memories of foliage and changing seasons. Because man, fall rules. My jamaica plain fortress of never leaving requires a scenic jaunt past parks and ponds into the city which is in fact awesome. Really awesome. My neighbors own dogs and infants and most people out here are in relationships; I have heard of these things but never quite understood... psh. I did go to a block party the other weekend at the insistence of my neighbors- a punkish married couple and their upstairs engaged neighbors (common theme) had ventured up the street to a block party the week before and were welcomed as the only 4 white people with good vibes and a good time. They sold me on the next block party so Joey P and I made the effort to hike around the corner following the smell of bbq. Turns out that despite liberal voting histories, even the block parties are half segregated- this weekend being the all white- flaunt my toddler and Labrador around 4 square and bratwursts. I did eat sausage and helped myself generously to the dessert table but... i learned a couple valuable lessons. 1. Single males have absolutely no place in a neighborhood block party. 2. Showing up to said block party with another guy shakes off the weird vibe as you are assumed gay. 3. Women couples in there late 20s show no sympathy for toddlers playing 4 square. Spikes, dives, and score keeping all employed without mercy.

It was an experience but a pretty boring one at that. I was hoping for something slightly more... nonsegregated. At least the vegan coleslaw was not half bad. Free beers too.

Not much else up here. I work at the bike shop again which is not bad and get my days off during the week. Of the mountain of "real" jobs I have applied to, not a single company has said a peep so if any of you want to hire me in your respective corners of the world/ internet, I am available. cough cough.

I did go back home (upstate) last week to shred to motocross cheddar and hang out with my folks. I ate balanced meals and talked a lot of shop with the old man. Pictures to prove.


Joey Pwn said...

So, I just ventured into the 'outdoors' and thought to myself, "Man, it must be in the low 40's, at least!". However, the internet tells me it's a balmy 58. It's going to be a long winter.

Also, I booked my tickets for New Orleans! Dec 30th - Jan 4th.

Also2, can whomever is in charge of this thing make me a contributor. That would rule.

Joey P.

Drew said...

oh shit oh shit oh shit it's happening!!! so fuckin good.

i will talk to sam forthwith about making you a contributor. and then i will send her to abu gharib for committing this injustice.

Drew said...
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Spagett! said...

if anyone finds any cheap flights for new years, let me know.

Joey Pwn said...

If you can go leave Boston on the 30th and come back on the 4th (a Monday), then you can get pretty cheap flights. Mine was via continental for like 250 but it doesn't seem to be available anymore. Look on kayak, right now there seems to be an American Airlines flight for 270 r/t.

Spagett! said...

I hate American. I hate America.

harrison grrgeron said...

joey p, nice work. i sent you an invite to be a contributor.

also, alissa krebs found a flight on jetblue for $225. so you all might want to check out jetblue.