Monday, September 7, 2009


Hi blog, it's been a while. Summer is over, it twas a good one. Mel and Peaches' visit was aawweessomme. What Cheer? Brigade was such a mind blowing show (Oct. 10- Somerville. Anyone still in Boston should go) and Mel got a gorgeous tattoo of a unicorn standing on a rainbow with an arrow in its teeth.

I went to Oregon/Washington and had the best vacay of my life. We climbed up ten thousand stairs, McIntyre and I made Bloody Mary's by the lake, I got to see where my apt used to be. They are building a light rail there and it is a huge hole in the ground. Lara came down from Bellingham, we went to a bar called The Zoo where C List celebreties hang out. Later, AmyNO got off work and like a champ drank 3 whiskey sours in about 5 minutes. Went to Portland to meet up with my boo, Kate Banta, who was my other half when I first lived in Nola and who I haven't seen in 4ever. We camped on the coast and it was absolutely beautiful. We saw the sunset on the beach, stayed up all night and saw the sun rise over it too. Lara and I drove back to Washington with a PBR can for an oil cap and when the tire blew on the highway the rideshares fixed it and bought us dinner! I was driving and am very proud of not killing us since we were going 70 in the middle lane when the rear tire exploded. Bellingham, WA is a really cool, small city with students and hippies and crust punks all living in harmony. Mcintickle and Amy drove up and we all biked to some woods to jump off rocks. It was about 30 ft in the air and the highest I'd ever jumped from. I think my heart stopped at one point but it was exhilarating and worth the bruises from hitting the water all wrong.

August went by so fast. Justin and I biked to Bay St. Louis (60 miles one way) and camped on the beach. We did it over the course of a weekend bc 30 miles in I really wanted to lay down on the side of the road. There's also nothing on 90 between here and there except one gas station and two bars. It was a really pretty ride though and the amount of stars we saw at night was worth the fear of getting hit by a car in the dark. The day of rest was crucial and we explored a storm ruined baptist seminary and took sink baths at the cutest coffee shop in Mississippi. We went to Gatlinburg, TN the weekend after that to a cabin his friends get every year. Everyone was really fun even if they are mostly married and have real people lives. Gatlinburg is home to Dollywood, lots of mini golf and LOTS of pancake houses. The "cabin" was more luxurious than rustic but I will not say no to a hot tub. It is astonishing how much quicker one gets drunk in a hot tub, which I discovered while finishing a bottle of tequilla, naked, with all the other women, also naked. I remember that it was fun and after that I fell down giggling a lot.

School has started but I can't go bc of dollar dollar bills ya'll. I like my job at the coffee shop though so it's really not bad at all working full time making sandwiches and lattes. I'm still planning on going abroad next semester so saving up money is helpful there too. Sometimes I get bummed about it and feel really lame for continuously not being able to just get my fucking bachelor's degree but I know that I will finish (someday). I'm just sick of it taking so god damn long and then I get more frustrated bc I am the factor that is making it take so long. Mostly it's fine though. I'm not sure what to do with myself outside of work now that I don't have a higher purpose. Maybe I'll read all the books on my reading list, get really into yoga and garden every day. Or maybe I'll pick up that drug habit that's been such a long time coming. I dunno.

I am ecstatic that Sam and Logan are fiinnnaalllyyy here and was amazed to see such a slim, fit Chairman. I want to put him next to my tiny adorable kitten (whose name still is just Small! or TK short for Tiny Kitten) and have a photo shoot. This is TK in a bird cage that she crawled into to get away from the endless beatings from Gypsy and Genevieve.

That's about it. Right now I'm sitting on my porch, drinking a mimosa and thinking about how I should really fix my bike and clean my room. Here's a picture of a gas station just outside New Orleans on Highway 90:


Pretty Kittens said...

best tattoo artist, EVAH

Paul T. said...

I see you've found the BIG CAT CARL'S COUGAR CAGE flagship location.