Monday, July 21, 2008

facebook won´t let me upload pictures. it´s infuriating.

I can´t believe it is my last week in Chile. I´m trying to cram in all of the things I still want to do like graffiti and ziplining. Recent adventures included Pucon which was gorgeous and awesome. Didn´t climb the volcano bc of snow. I don´t think it actually exists bc you´re allegedly supposed to be able to see it from every angle of the town since it´s right effing there, but we had so much fog you couldnt see anything above rooves. So really I think it´s all just a big lie for Chile to get tourists there and then have them do other stuff. I rode a horse, went white water rafting and hiked a huge mountain. Never have I ever done so many fun, active things and then gotten so drunk every night. Thank you Tulane kids.

Friday my friends Theo, Chris and I found this patio jazz bar that overlooks the whole city. We drank a bunch of wine and danced and listened to this woman sing jazz in every language. She was so old and adorable in a yellow dress with feathers in her hair and she made me sing "As time goes by" with her. This but with a full moon:

I thought I couldn´t love her more until she sang "Girl from Ipanema" in Spanish and then just skatted most of it.

I´ve been concocting many potential life plans for when I get back to New Orleans which may include but in a yet to be determined order: finishing school asap, India, quitting my job, speaking spanish, roller derby and swimming a lot. I´m really excited for Buenos Aires. I would like to eat a lot besides avocados and french fries since that is Chile´s cuisine. Saturday!

Also, this:

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