Monday, July 21, 2008


So, I went to visit my brother in Bozeman, Montana this weekend. It was amazing. I landed in Bozeman on Wednesday night, and was immediately overwhelmed by the smell of what my brother tells me is nature. It was almost too much for me to handle.

On Thursday I explored Main Street which has bars, restaurants and a surprising number of high-end clothing stores. Then I had a super awesome all organic/vegetarian lunch at what my brother calls the "elitist grocery store". But, whatever I am totally voting for Obama so everyone already knew that I was an elitist. Thursday night I went out with my brother's girlfriend and her roommate and then helped her study for a final exam by playing a drinking game I created called "Anatomy and Physiology". Basically I quizzed Paige and every time she got a question right I had to drink. COLLEGE!!!

Friday we went RAWK climbing. So, I totally knew that we were going to go climbing, but I kind of imagined that we would be in a clearing with lots of flat space with a slight incline to climb. But, no no. We climbed up about 300 feet (I was on all-fours for most of this climb) until we got to a 40 foot vertical rock face with a giant crack in it. Apparently you are supposed to use the crack for leverage. I was wildly uncomfortable with sticking my hands into a dark and mysterious crevasse (BATS LIVE IN THERE!!) so I opted to climb the other side which had many things for me to hold on to. Apparently I am a full-body climber. I just kind of humped my way up 20 feet until vertigo set in and I gave up. Well I didn't really get vertigo, I just didn't want to go any higher. Then I got to repel down which was super fun. So fun, that I immediately climbed back up so I could repel down again. After climbing we played in a stream of melted snow. It was super clear, but freezing. Friday night we had a sweet grilling sesh and then went out on Main Street. Lots of cowboys and sorostitutes. And slot machines.

Saturday I was wildly hungover and did not feel human until about 3 PM. We hung out about town and then saw Dark Knight. It rules. I am seeing it again tonight. SPOILER ALERT: Batman gets Tuberculosis from the TB Goblin and coughs forever and ever. And then he dies.

So, it was super fun. I would def recommend that you all get out there if the opportunity ever presents itself.

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KDHL said...

Hmph, in the espanol version of Dark Knight, the Joker's Chilean mom is so nice to Batman that he gives up a life of fighting crime to hang out with her and watch tela novellas. weird...