Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Substantial update!

Ok, so this isn't really a substantial update, but I'm just really excited about it and it has more substance than my last update.

I'm taking a trip!

I'm leaving New Orleans for Denver on August 26th, spending my last couple of days of work there, hopefully doing something amazing for Labor Day (Great Sand Dunes...?), traveling to San Francisco on September 4th to visit Amy Ngo and Macka Tacka Tick Tock Tyre, and then heading back to New Orleans on September 8th.

This will be my first time seeing the Pacific Ocean. I'm gonna catch a jellyfish and a tuna fish and a turtle, and I'm gonna go swimming and play on the beach and catch a frisbee with my teeth and...and...and...

Egads this is gonna be fun!

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