Sunday, August 10, 2008

An email conversation with my dad describing new orleans

Jim Bottomley:
Got a 2a.m. call from a woman who found your cell phone near the Louisiana state legislature. Says she will mail it, but maybe you can meet her.
I'm sure it has occured to you to call the phone!
have a good flight back! Dad

**note, in looking at the call log, this woman called my parents house 5 times from the times of 1:53 to 2:02 am**

Hey thanks dad- I got it back pretty painlessly. That woman called quite a few random numbers from my phone book before having a solid hit... she certainly stirred a couple pots but the honesty is very welcome.

New Orleans has been lots of fun, extremely hot, but by and large bearable. The city is so cool- it has a grit that is very honest and welcoming. The food (particularly the grits and po' boys) is really good and there is a culture around snow cones. Katrina has created a brotherhood in the city of strong spirited and welcoming people who are so friendly but seemingly honest (unlike the southern hospitality of the carolinas which I always questioned the sincerity of- a true jaded new yorker...) The city is also unified by a collective diet of cheap drinks and hard liquor where all sizes, creeds, colors and ages converge in a collective belligerence. I bought a giant beer for just a couple dollars and then mooned a crowd of bead throwers with a triumphant reward of... beads! When in Rome, right? It felt oddly correct; i had been feeling under the weather and not drinking for much of the latter half of this week- my previous attempt at bourbon late at night was pretty horrifying. In fact, my previous attempt at Bourbon during the day was pretty terrifying also...

I will give you a call when I get back to Boston. Once I see what my work schedule is I will try and intercept Chris while home.


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