Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Blueberry pie!

Not sure if this is proper blogging etiquette, but I am responding to Rob and KDHL's comments on my last post via this post. I'm new, I'm allowed to bat my eye-lashes at you all and get away with such things...right...alright great here goes.

Rob: The berries are blue through-and-through and the juice is very strong. By the end of the hike my hands were covered in large splotches of deep violet juice. There are swathes of these blueberries in the forest, along the way I saw groups of old ladies collecting enough blueberries for a solid months worth of pies. Oh man...I'm jones'in for a blueberry pie right now.

KDHL: It's true, I live in Candy-land. I have no complaints, but life will get a little grittier once I move up to Berlin. As for your situation with the job, I recommend cage fighting. Start slow with some underground fights and back-yard matches, soon enough you will be fighting in electrified cage matches and filling up stadiums.

I'm noticing that the host-son is a bit of a close-talker. Not too big of a deal, but you know, I don't really want to make like we're going to eskimo kiss every time he wants to discuss the strategy of the German Ping-Pong team.

Included is an ode' to my now defunct bike: 'The Krauter'.
The time we shared was rickety, 'unsicher' but pleasant. We made noises that a bicycle and human shouldn't make and turned heads in this sleepy little town, I'll miss 'er!


kritaliation said...

My grnad pa's name is Wolfgang. He is German through and through (I know I should have left this on your previous post.. but felt like it might be too late).

harrison grrgeron said...

"my hands were covered in large splotches of deep violet juice."

kri's period, an international phenomenon?

kritaliation said...

My period is not "deep violet"