Friday, August 29, 2008

Cold typin

So here I set (sit?) pounding away drunkenly at my keyboard at 1311 Marion Street in lovely, crowdy, dirty liberal Denver, Colorado. Drunk on Whiskey and Hope and Change and Mostly Whiskey. Barry Hussein just made his speech about killing children and taking more grandmothers to Bingo and letting felons work the cotton candy and three-throws-at-a-whore's-vagina dunk tank at Disney World or some shit.

Or maybe it was about making the country a better place for children and improving relations abroad or something. Totally unclear.

Our drinking game for his speech included drinks for "change" "hope" "war" "Bush" "3rd term" "security" and "swollen member". The last one came with a five-beverage-consumption tag. We got plenty drunk without it. Though we kept the hope alive...


KDHL said...
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harrison grrgeron said...

i am glad you say 'cold'. i have started saying it as well. all weekend i was 'cold eatin cheese.'