Sunday, August 10, 2008

oh and also (with almost no punctuation)

Things left out of that email but still true:

1. Myself humping drew in front of a cross and us getting pictures (kdhl also "made out with" maja from sweden in front of the cross; pictures to prove)
2. katie tried to climb over a temporary fence (traffic barrier) about 4' high instead of taking the two paces to either side to go around because we were trying to pick a fight by not giving way to any people on route down bourbon street. To exploit katie's ridiculous path over the fence, I shook it a bit (most likely pretty violently in retrospect) and she bellowed out in pain and i bellowed out in laughter. This morning katie emerged from her bedroom and said, "i just woke up wondering why my vagina hurts"
3. kdhl and i managed to smoke the same cigar that castro smokes by asking politely a group of very dapper men in front of a nice hotel about their cigars. Turns out that they were all from brazil and uraguay so we turned to spanish and managed to convince them to give us a try (in spanish post a 32 oz monster beer and whatever else we could get our hands on). One of the dudes just kept pointing at the cigar saying "castro!"
4. Drew was denied into a bar that was playing "drop it like its hot" because he wasnt wearing sleeves- katie, maja, and i were ahead in line and succeeded to enter. After "dropping it" for a few minutes we went in search of "the only guy not wearing sleeves" only to realize he was not admitted. Too bad- he missed out on some blatant scornful glances from a 40+ woman who did not appreciate this dropping of hot items

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pictures pictures pictures pictures pictures pictures. now please.