Wednesday, August 13, 2008

in response to the previous post: Is that even possible?

That is the only question I have. His endeavour is undoubtedly admirable, but, one time it took me three days to backpack 12 miles. Granted I could have been walking faster if I wanted to... but still. wow. Go logan!!!

Anyway, on to my own adventures. As many of you already know I will soon removing myself from this glorious city where I have spent countless fun filled hours (many of which I strain to remember, but, am sure were fun at the time), red paint in hand, in the company of you lovely people. I thank you for these memories.

I will be gone for a span of 8 months, 6 of which will be spent deep in the Atlantic rain forest of Brazil. I have a distinct impression that there will be nights in which I share my humble accommodations with uninvited creatures of the jungle (snakes and bugs are the first to come to mind). My sister has a particularly horrifying tale of almost having her innards melted in a matter of seconds by a demon snake brute. Luckily she managed to step over it undisturbed. I can only hope that I will share the same kind of luck. But, on a more positive note welcome creatures are also in abundance, such as kittens, baby chickens, horses and puppies.

Volunteers from all over the world come to this research and conservation center to work in different capacities for the one end goal of preserving the remaining 8% (!!!) of the forest. This is done through projects that include environmental education and outreach, sustainable harvesting practices, working with the local community, reforestation, clearing trails, GPS mapping.... etc.. My job will to be to manage the volunteer program by.. well pretty much making sure everything runs smoothly and acting as a liaison between the foreign volunteers and the locals. More details to follow

I will make it my goal through out this adventure to keep you updated. Oh, and before that happens I am driving across the country with cory, more on that later as well.

It's 4:58, I have to go.


KDHL said...

A)Don't get your innards melted.

2) Come to New Orleans post drive

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