Sunday, August 31, 2008

Yesterday all the grocery stores were closed but bars were open THANK GOD

Update from New Orleans: they called the mandatory evacuation this morning so we got all the residents to the buses and shut down the shelter. I'm staying, haven't decided where yet. Either at a hotel where my friend works or at a coworkers house in my neighborhood. He's kind of crazy and is like "I have a generator and guns and dogs, you're welcome to come over" which weirded me out at first and now is looking like not such a bad idea. So either way my cats and I will be safe and with other people.

I'm staying bc I want to experience it and I truly think I'll be alright. Also I don't want to be away and not see everything or know what's going on.

It's just so weird bc everyone is freaking out and the city is deserted. I'm trying not to think about it too much bc there's nothing I can do about levees and barometric pressure, but what if this is the end of New Orleans for real? What if it is in fact worse than Katrina and the city is just devastated once and for all? And if it doesn't happen this time, when? Hurricanes are going to keep coming, is this panic just going to happen every August until the city is just uninhabited?

In all this though, I've been so glad I'm aware of the inevitable zombie invasion and researching that for so long, it's really helped in my survival packing. Actually, all I've packed is waterproof mascara and frozen food. It's an ok idea.

So Ima go bring my plants inside and have a perishable food feast and then head out this evening to whatever safe destination I choose. I'll be in touch by text and thanks everyone for sending so much love and concern. I'll be fine! Abrazos!

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