Friday, March 13, 2009

Apologies, sirs and madams

Ahoy hoy kiddies. I haven't been making many posts on here recently, but I have been updating my blog a bit (twice this week, huzzah!). But just so this doesn't totally smack of me being a self-indulgent cretin, here are some fun links to help you waste time at work!

Detroit's Beautiful, Horrible Decline

Big surprise: Chuck Norris is a moneygrubbing dickbag

I will tell you this, sir. I have indeed noticed the $.68, and that shit is not cool. You must think that I have a money tree growing in my back yard. I do not.

Point of order: this discussion belongs in the Qing Dynasty forum. We're adults; can we keep sight of what's important around here?

Lolz abound!

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