Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I saw something so cute on the way to school today I had to get off my bike to watch. My route to UNO is through City Park and along the bayou which is so nice in the mornings, if its possible for something to be nice about mornings. Anyway, a van had stopped in the middle of the road in the park and I was being hostile biker chick and thinking dear god why are people so incompetent and stop in my way. Just then, I see a mama duck followed by seven ducklings crossing the street. That alone was enough for me to start aaaww-ing. It only got cuter.

When they got to the curb, the mom jumped over and was quacking at her offspring to do the same. But they were too little and kept jumping and bumping up against the curb!! I got off my bike partially to watch and partially bc I really wanted to pick one up and love it to death, but they kept scampering away. Can't imagine why. Meanwhile, mom is still yelling at them as they bounce around and start to make it over one by one. The last one was a fatty and fell on its back and rolled around for a little bit before it finally got up there and they all waddled away together. When I turned around I realized a car had stopped to watch too and this old woman and I had a moment together. She was clapping and saying aww and I was throwing my hands in the air and yelling YAAY! I was so pumped the rest of my ride and it totally made my day.


harrison grrgeron said...

what a wonderful start to your day!

Loganberry Crumble said...

The same sort of thing happened to me a the other day, although it was just Kallen falling down the stairs.

GrrlMonstrr said...

nothing can melt a hostile biker chick's heart like a procession of ducklings