Saturday, March 14, 2009

im listening to drews sappy singer song writer suggestions

I think I am about to make a couple bigger decisions. I have been in Buenos Aires for over a month now sitting patiently for my classes to start. My spanish is improving though not good enough and I still have not eaten a steak (tomorrow looks to be my day) and two of my classes finally finally start this week. This nagging ugly question has been poking at me something to the tune of "why am I here?" I can make up some answers but by and large, I really do not know. To learn spanish, to travel, to be outside my element, to take classes... these are all pretty unimpressive answers to an increasingly important question. Tomorrow I should hear the response from Northeastern University with regards to deferring my inflated tuition payment to another semester. If they decline, then I will embark on a regiment of history classes in spanish even though I did not pass the entrance test to take a spanish language course. I have fallen into a retarded catch 22 where only "advanced" levels are allowed to take a language course while those below are only allowed direct exchange classes. Ie. classes for argentinians in... spanish.

So having fallen into this catch 22, I have been re-weighing my options. The new tentative plan is to travel and wwoof and grow facial hair and get the fuck out of all of these big cities. So far I have paid for my wwoof entrance fee and am awaiting my booklet o' organic farms seeking help. But to pursue and follow through with this much more romantic and exciting route, I turn my back on formal education for a little longer and more or less give up on the program that I still haven't started. And giving up sounds pretty bad sometimes.

Mostly these are just thoughts out loud and will be entirely silenced if Northeastern refuses tuition reimbursement in which case I commit to the classes regardless. Kicking and screaming or not. I hope not though. The romantic option certainly seems more appealing, right?


Paul T. said...

My advice - do both if possible. Full univ immersion during the week and take three day+ weekends for some wwoof farming, romantic living and beard growth.

KDHL said...

Paul Tilley, so practical and I agree with said advice.

But if NEU doesn't do whatever money thing they're supposed to do I think it's great to go farm and cultivate facial hair.

I think you will have a beautiful time in whatever you do, Doctor.

Loganberry Crumble said...

Grow a beard no matter.

Looking forward to your return!

Werd said...

Yea, agreed on the beard thing. Also check out

And mad props on listening to my suggestions! I miss you dearly!