Wednesday, October 15, 2008

a good wife always knows her place

i am feeling very pestilent this afternoon. and, no, its not because of the chronic nosebleeds i have been experiencing as of late. nor is it because my face swelled to inappropriate proportions while i slumbered last night. but, thanks for asking. the truth is i was on facebook earlier today, judging high school friends (you know how we do) and one of my friends posted photos of her honeymoon. i couldn't help but notice all of the comments were to the effect of "wow you are the hottest wife ever" and "you guys are such an attractive couple, you'll have such beautiful babies". i found these comments totally offensive.

shouldn't we as, twenty-something women want to be something more than a trophy wife and/or baby farm? shouldn't we be offended when our closest friends comment only on our looks and gene pool?

but she wasn't offended. she was flattered. i think it's super sad that the smart and interesting girls i grew up with are now just perpetuating the stupid role of obedient wife, mother and housekeeper.

i stumbled, via jezebel, onto the Good Wife's Guide from the May 1955 issue of Housekeeping Monthly. what i find most upsetting about this guide is that women my age actually adhere to some of these tips, even today. like, my fucking god, really? anyway the guide is pasted below for your viewing pleasure. that being said, have i told you lately, that you are all super hawt?


Loganberry Crumble said...

When I come home, Kallen knows his place, fluffs my pillow and doesn't even offer to take off my shoes; He rips them off, gently, but confidently.

Spagett! said...

I am offended by the fact that the guide makes absolutely no mention of blow jobs. Fuck that.

PS - Sam... where's that blueberry pie I told you to bake me?

KDHL said...

I wanted to say something funny and sarcastic but Logan and Cory have that covered. But I'm really glad we're not Stepford wives Sam King.

Werd said...

I'm not.