Monday, October 20, 2008

Our cliché party has nothing on these

Back from Detroit and bogged down with a crippling amount of responsibility, I decided the best thing to do was procrastinate on the interwebz. I thought perhaps another "lists" idea could involve something about Halloween costumes. In a terrible accident I happened upon a frightening number of non-ironic costumes. For your viewing pleasure:

Trophy Wife
Dignity Not Included

Sexy Anna Rexia
Comes in Plus Sizes!

Sex [sic] Corrupt Cop Costume
because there's nothing sexier than a corrupt cop. Faux razor blade necklace included. Great for...doing blow? cutting yourself? both?
Rapsta' Boys Costume
Blackface for the kiddies!

and the toddlers....

Blow Pop Child Costume
Just. wrong.

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