Sunday, October 19, 2008

you know you're a hipster if:

1) you use the term pejoratively all the while knowing full well that you're classified as such by passersby
2) you own a pair of converse allstars and call them chucks
3) your walls have spraypaint and/or chalk on them instead of elitist framed paintings
4) you own a pair of raybans (knockoffs if you're nasty)
5) your fanny pack is full of the only necessities in life: pbr, whiskey and a pack of cigarettes
6) you wear your scarf in the "pepper-spray ready" position to go to the sweaty hipster dance party
7) you read gawker
8) your blog posts are written to inspire lolzing and reference gawker
9) you feel weird in flared jeans
10) your hipster glory kodak moment has been captured by a complete stranger and published to the interwebz (which is something you'd never know if it weren't for the fact that you peruse several weekendpartyupdate blogs (in case you might be featured on one)).
11) (because top ten lists are soooo mainstream) you think it's funny that my cat just pawed across my computer screen and typed this: "-p00000"

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