Sunday, October 12, 2008

Journey to the Suburbs

Yesterday mid morning Drew and I pulled ourselves together, after a night of 80's dancing and whiskey induced black outs for my colleague, to go to the Gumbo Festival. The governor of Louisiana issued a proclamation in 1973 that declared Bridge City to be the "Gumbo Capital of the World." The town is about 6 blocks long and aptly named because it is practically under the Huey P. Long Bridge.
Biking along the earthen levee is sooo nice and definitely the smoothest road in New Orleans. But we got to the bridge and learned biking across is impossible and walking would've been terrifying. So we hitchhiked over in the back of a pickup and then walked the rest of the way. The festival was so cute with lots of old people and food and carnival rides. Sadly no carnies that I could see. But we did get to watch a kid throw up on one of the rides.

We hitched back with a guy who had no apprehensions about turning his soul music up real loud and singing along about how Mama won't cheat you or something. We spent the rest of the day invading suburbia by bicycle visiting such parkway hot spots as Barnes and Noble , a sporting goods store and Target. In true mall rat fashion we didn't buy anything at Target, just walked around touching stuff. Then we looked for Vietnamese food that was closed, got some sushi, realized we were practically at the airport and started the 17 mile bike ride home. Our complete 34 mile route:I was going to sell beer at the Saints game today for extra cash but woke up really really sore so we slept till noon and made pizza instead. Now I've been writing this blog post instead of doing my midterms. Thank you Jesus for giving us this day of rest.

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