Thursday, November 20, 2008

Attn: Sam King grrr

It has come to my attention through various unknown sources (i.e. Drew/KDHL) that you and I will be vacationing at roughly the same time in two entirely different geographical locations, thereby necessitating some sort of stupid/unnecessary contest. The term "Fun-Off" was mentioned. Possibly more than once.
With that said, I hereby challenge you to said "Fun-Off".
As I see it, there are three possible sets of rules for said "Fun-Off":

A) We could hold a contest with several categories (i.e. "Most Fun Things Accomplished", "Best Photo", "Best Drunk Dial", "Strangest Drunken Encounter", "Most Titties Viewed in a Men's Room Stall at a Bar in New Orleans", "Best Supporting Actor", etc.) with a vote by the general public to determine the winner

B) Have some kind of fucked up scavenger hunt


C) A combination of both A and B.

In terms of duration, anything that occurs within the overlapping time period in which you get to Germany and I leave New Orleans is fair game.

The prize has yet to be determined.

Please post any suggestions/ideas you may have for "Fun-Off 2008".


harrison grrgeron said...

i accept your fun-off challenge.

i feel like we need a judge to make the rules and to announce paul and i the winners at the fun-off medal ceremony.

KDHL said...

If one of the categories is getting wasted at 2 pm in a strange city and somehow making it back to the house to power nap, Cory just checked that one off.

GrrlMonstrr said...

fortunately, although i have been a delinquent sirnotappearingblog checker and blogger, i have a sixth sense for fun-offs and managed to be an unwitting participant in the disastrous fun.