Sunday, November 30, 2008


My trip is but half over, but i thought i would give all of you fucks an idea of how bad you are losing.

Sunday: landed in Berlin, saw the city in all it's snow covered glory.
Monday: went to the National History museum, ate killer falafel, rounded out the day at an awesome Russian bar.
Tuesday: arrived in Prague, hit up an awesome bar with Rachel, ended the night at a Misfits dance party in a random dudes apartment.
Wednesday: saw Prague in all it's splendid glory, returned to aforementioned bar, closed it with the owners around 7 AM.
Thursday: continued my tour of the city, went to a crazy Prague club, saw many dreaded mullets, closed the bar with the owners around 7 AM.
Friday: missed my train to Hungary, booked a bus to Austria, arrived in Austria late night, drank wine and ate cheese in the hills.
Saturday: took train to Budapest, arrived late afternoon, got dinner and walked around the city, went to a Gypsy bar, Went to a club modeled after Studio 54.
Sunday: saw the sites, tried traditional Hungarian food, went to a Hungarian rockabilly bar where all of our drinks were paid for by random Hungarian dudes, got very drunk, blogged about it.

Updates and pictures to come so stop whining about it. In the meantime this is the castle in Prague.

Kill yourselves!!


KDHL said...

You're having so much fun! That's awesome! (And I can say that bc the fun off is over. You had your little weekend in the snow with Paul Tilley and some eggs, we won.)

But I can't wait to see pictures and am so jealous of your bar closings and Misfits dance parties with Rachel Helen Clowe.

kritaliation said...

I am also wildly jealous of this.