Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Dark Fun Horse

So, I'm happy you're all having your "fun", but let me tell you, from one funner to another, my fun is more fun. I had so much fun on Thursday night that I was very late to work. I drove 80 mph blasting Lightning Bolt getting there in 10 minutes less time than it normally would take. Yay! I missed a meeting that I scheduled with my boss, and head of another department.


I went into the weekend with no plans, Sking re-enacting ‘The Sound of Music’ and the Big Cat in the Big Easy. Shucks. I asked Chairman what I should do, but the fatty only Meow’d, put his butt into the air and drooled on the couch. The beast was no help.

Kallen and I figured we should at least buy beer, which we did. We walked to Allston because, exercise is fun and the 66 is not. We got some whiskey and partied throughout the night, I didn’t throw up! Kallen got a job at a porn store and I passed out on a couch. I also ate a lot of food all day the next day, watched Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, paid my respects to Paul Newman by eating Fig Newmans and went to a party in the apartment below us.

Ho! I nearly forgot! Best part is, we only paid 2 dollars for public transportation, so although you might think you had more fun than us, our fun:dollar ratio is like a bajillion times better. So there!