Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Opening Ceremonies - Berlin

Sam King landed on Sunday morning but I jumped the gun and decided so long as her plane was in the air, the competition in Berlin was on.

Saturday night it snowed and I'm not talking a dainty little dusting here folks, within 10 minutes my street was covered in a thick blanket of the white stuff and neighborhood-wide snow ball battles had begun.

Around 1 myself and a guest Lucy decided it was a good idea to go toast the coming fun-battle with some hot-chocolate and rum. We ordered our drinks and noticed the bartender was slightly tipsy. Seeing an opportunity to make a new friend and possibly have a night of free drinks we struck up a conversation.

Here is a breakdown of the next three hours of my life:

- he called himself 'Mr. Brazil', when asked to elaborate he said: "mmm...beecuuzz I'm HOT trooopicaahl and WEEEHHT!"
- we heard about his years in the German rap trio 'Hobo-Tribe', he claims they were one of the top three German rap groups in the late eighties/early ninties. I'm picturing parachute pants and vanilla ice haircuts. I youtubed but couldn't find anything conclusive.
- claimed to have met Tom Waits and still receives christmas emails from T. Waits that simply say: Farm on.

After a concluding shot of Grappa he slowly stood up, bumped into his glass (it shattered on the ground) stumbled over to the couch on the other side of the bar and took a short power-nap. I wish this was the end but he arose from the dead for another round of beers. Video and photos to follow.

Sam the King left this morning for Prague and will be back next monday for the second leg of this competition. Details on her first 48 hour stint to be posted soon.

Also, I hear Cory and Drew spent most of their time listening to Morrissey while holding each other and weeping softly. Truth?


kritaliation said...

But did he charge you for the drinks?

Werd said...

Wow that sounds unbelievably lame. You are lame, sir. Lamer than Tiny Tim.

"God Bless Us, every one....except Paul Tilley."

Spagett! said...

i'm at the airport right now. the fun-off is pretty much over. what say you, judge?

kritaliation said...

Wait... we still have no idea what kind of "fun" went down in nola. All we know is that there was giggling on the phone at unspoken hours of the morning. That does not a fun contest win. Details should be made public so we know on what basis the judge makes his decision.

Loganberry Crumble said...

Should we send Rob a detailed listing of Fun? JUDGE?!

robert said...

if you want to win, i need proper documentation.

i mean:
(if you want to get with me, gotta get with my friends)

KDHL said...

Im going to let Cory do the official debriefing of our fun, but the short list includes:

The Dungeon
free kegs and a brass band
daquiris and more brass band
gambling and winning
making out

Spagett! said...

can't blog now. still recovering.

Werd said...