Tuesday, February 24, 2009

4 weeks without laundry

ahoy duders tidings from mendoza, argentina. I can see the andes and tomorrow I go hiking in them! fingers crossed. I have been taking the most epic bus rides of my life. Chinatown will feel like nothing at all when i get back. It is amazig how much time it takes to get anywhere in south america. the map is really not a good judge of time and distance though the bus rides are cheap cheap. I took a 12 hour bus ride for about $30 US complete with an air conditioner that broke and shot out black smoke around 3am, an argentinian dude sitting next to me- legs and arms in full contact with mine as some sort of twisted test of tolerance and frustration, a shooting star, and repeated stops so that various police could search bags on the bus. It was... restless. I have been trying to hike while outside the big city and will be heading back to BA to start school shortly (starting in March). Hasta luego amigos y besos y abrazos por todos!