Tuesday, February 3, 2009

making a break for it in new haven town: an exercise in bloggerature

red rose went to new haven with francois the lost cat on saturday. they went to a restaurant with stormy ceilings and a dystopian interior decor. red rose ordered an obnoxiously named drink, The Glitterati, because it had a starfruit balancing precariously on the rim of the glass (the glitterati turned out to be priced at $15 per drink. by the grace of god i only ordered one). red rose and francois met up with several of francois's friends and they all got a bit twatted.

[wikipedia says that twatted is a britishism which means to get drunk. the oed does not include twatted ...quel suprise! it does however contain this juicy archaic term: twatter-light. i like how the description is obs. rare...obvi.]

during drinks, francois texted pleasantly preppy in argyle. preppy is a family friend of francois's upon whom (phrasing makes little or no sense anymore) francois has developed a huge crush, who goes to yale med. school and in whose bed francois had woken up just a few short weeks ago without the slightest idea what events had transpired between 11pm and daylight. as far as we knew pleasantly preppy in argyle had a gf (a fact discovered on the facebookz that included a good bit of stalking) but francois decided to invite him to hang out anyway. an hour later, francois suddenly grabbed red rose's arm and directed her attention to the tall skinny asian girl seated at the bar. she really looked like argyle's gf...what if argyle shows up? thanks to the miracle of modern technology red rose was able to confirm via the "fb bb app" that the suspect was in fact the gf. weird.

anyway, francois and redrose and francois's friends left the bar after and stuffed about 8 people into a car. they all went off to a yale art party which consisted of a giant dark steamy room filled with undergrads. the only beverages to be found were carlo rossi and grain alcohol. due in large part to the grain alcohol beverages, red rose began speaking in broken french which then led to francophoning people's names (i dunno the word for frenchifying names (see the opposite of anglicizing...yes french is the opposite of english now), telling people that the party upstairs was a tea party, letting strangers think she went to yale, showing people what celebrities they resemble on her blackberry...etc etc. needless to say everyone was probably exceedingly perturbed by la rose rouge's presence by the end of the night.

preppy argyle did make an appearance at the sweaty teenager partee and francois made out with him and they went home together.
much to francois's relief, argyle and his gf broke up one week ago.
the night ended with all of francois's friends minus francois and argyle climbing to the roof of the yale architectural school buildling (red rose is in 4 inch stilettos mind you). red rose stole a tiny chair approximately the size of her hand from the rooftop and told the story of how hartford was once beautiful. at the end of the night red rose hopped in the car with francois's friend (a she) and they went back to her parents' house where red rose was given a matching set of plaid flannel pajamas to wear to bed. all in all the night was utterly absurd. when red rose woke up in francois's friend's parents' house she ate bagels and drank coffee and oj with the family and talked about trader joe's business model and obama and newscasters who spout pablum.

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i just re-read this. A+