Monday, February 16, 2009

ok, so!

Robert - thank you. That was exactly the push I needed. Plus I love you so much that I get giddy just thinking about doing something nice for you.

I have made a couple of posts over on ye olde blogge about random crap.

Hear in New Orleans, we are in the middle of Carnival - Mardi Gras time. I went to my second parade of the season yesterday, after playing with little kids at the UU church. My friend Lydia and I (btw she's the director or religious education at the church, so technically my boss lolz) got a bottle of wine from Rite Aid for $3.49 and drank the whole thing, so we were pretty thoroughly sauced by about, oh, 1:30. I got many things thrown to me off floats, and Lydia got two stuffed animals.

Then we biked into the Quarter to watch the Krewe of Barkus parade their dogs around. I saw a rottweiler dressed as a lady bug. It was weird.

Sadly KDHL missed all of this, but I was jealous that she was "spending" her "actual money" at brunch, and from the way she was careening around when we met up, that eggs florentine treated her right.

This weekend is the fer real Mardi Gras weekend. Many parades, much fun, and a great number of drunk, drunk, DRUNK people. Maybe I will remember my camera for once and take pictures and actually put them on Facebook less than a month afterwards.

And for the record, Robert, I think that John and I have only made out with one common person. Maybe. Also each other.


robert said...

is Nola even more drunk now?

Werd said...

Yea - if that's even possible.

GrrlMonstrr said...

wow drew...pimping your blog which is flush with posts at sirnotappearing's time of

harrison grrgeron said...

once a horrible self-promoter, always a horrible self-promoter.