Monday, February 2, 2009

its 11:12 pm and i have hit the end of the internet

This is not the first time I have given this pre-face, and will certainly not be the last but... I really don't have anything in mind for this post. 
Things that have happened:

Sam got into college. thumbs up!

I have moved for the third time in 5 weeks and will be moving again on Thursday. 

I report dad's beer side from the coldest house in new york state where the only source of heat (defined by the SI unit Joule, or J) is a very pleasant fireplace a story away (1 story = 10 feet), successfully sucking every morsel (denoted by the SI unit of Watts, meaning the rate at which heat (energy, J) transfers (in this case leaving) per second) out of my house. Next to the fireplace is a 3 foot radius of warmth where a very nice cat (named William Bottomley (no middle name)) hogs the chair. I could go into the arithmetic but I would have to channel cory's mensa abilities and he is probably sleeping (with John, who is often denoted as Grandma).

Tonight I sat with my parents and cat and watched Brick, starring that guy from third rock from the sun. (bottom right)
My brother came in over the weekend and the whole family went out to see Milk. Highlights include countless bad mustaches, 3-4 random cuts of emile hirsch dancing, and a pretty good post movie "where were you when" conversation with my folks. I just google imaged "Milk Movie" in search of a bad mustache picture and really struggled for a good one. Sorry.

On thursday I leave again so please give me your addresses so I can send you things. My favorite traveling pass-time is finding and mailing really really inappropriate postcards preferably with naked people on them. I imagine a single post card with a naked man or woman will pass through countless hands on it's international voyage and cause some sort of stir in numerous mail-persons lives. 

Last week I moved out of a place titled "the snake lounge" which did not have a snake. It once did but the kid who owned the snake moved out and gave it to another person who was moving to baltimore named Albie. Albie really wanted the snake but was unsure how to move it so his final plan was to simply put the snake in his coat pocket for the 5 hour bus ride down. He did.

And finally, here is a copy and paste of an e-conversation with the lovely Kri who I will be visiting soon:

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