Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I am incapable of copy and pasting with blogger. Sorry Kri.

also- i am not proud of this but i have started another blog for family and non-sirnotappearer's


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GrrlMonstrr said...

a) please learn to copy and paste. your lack of pc skills has left me paralyzed with anticipation and terribly disappointed in you, robert.

b) your new blog looks pretty cool. my favorite part is the screenshot of your letter to the court/PO-lice for the crime of bike on sidewalk.

c) tell kri i say hi and that i am jealous of her tan (i am pretty sure that she must have one even tho there is no evidence of this on the internet).

d) good luck in argentina! you are perhaps the most resourceful of my itinerant friends. i imagine you will bicycle across the whole of south america before you're done with her.