Friday, February 13, 2009

Donde estamos?

Where have you all gone? Have your lives suddenly become non-blog worthy? Have you left me for other blogs?

You see, I once relied on sir not appearing for trivial (and sometimes nontrivial) stories of belligerence, political rants, and general tidings of various fun. Timeless stories about people drew and grandma may or may not have made out with, instances of kyle naked, nate hartwell dressed as patric swazey, etc. etc. Though seemingly inconsequential, they were important to me. I felt less and alcoholic and more a member of a strong willed team of ok decisions. There have been recent efforts (thanks allison- happy birthday, and katie thank you for the word Tooters) but the torch seems to be diminishing. Frankly, I do not like it. The comments are sparse and i am writing posts with no point... repeatedly *cough cough*

During the last recession someone proposed the chain-list which was popular and informative though slightly desperate. Lets dig some holes and fill them back in, ok? So what if the last fix wasn't permanent- it worked for a little while. And that is good enough for me.

I guess that I am pretty far from home right now and am in as good of a position to blog as anyone. I am writing from the least comfortable couch in argentina in shorts and a t shirt (take that new england!). It is midnight and I am blogging... is much more needed to be said? There is a reason though... I am tired. Today I started fixing up my future bedroom in a very strange house in south buenos aires. Hours of sanding and spackle-ing and inhaling countless toxins later, I still have lots of work to do but I will be getting free rent for the remainder of the month. win! Ill be living with 2 americans and an argentinian guitarist who doesnt speak much english. double win!

Lastly, I dont really like steak but I am repeatedly told that argentinian beef is life changing. Is this a change I should make?


that matt brudner said...

requesting permission to board this blog-ship. in return for my passage, i can share stories of when rob and i were mere wee ones, little tikes if you will. I also have sordid tales about joey p farting.

eat the meat, rob.

robert said...

dont mind the grammar (and alcoholic -> an alcoholic)

and welcome matt brudner!

Werd said...

personally, i don't really ever eat meat unless it's free - but, having a burger or steak every once in a while....that's change i can believe in.