Thursday, September 11, 2008

Carnivor's Paradise

Update time, but first I must bare my soul to you all.

My list of things which, at one point in my life, I thought I might have been, but since the age of 23, I have realized I will never be:

1. Cat lover
2. The neighborhood garbage-man (childhood dream job)
3. The Kaiser
4. Fan of abstract film
5. Musical prodigy
6. Premier of Quebec
7. Acrobatic
8. Co-star in a film with Tom Selleck, specifically: Mr. Baseball
9. NASCAR legend
10. Captain Nemo

Things I still might be:

1. Stay-at-home Dad
2. Lounge singer
3. Frequent blogger
4. Diplomat/elected official
5. Capable of understanding the humor in Woody Allen movies
6. Tattooed
7. Good listener
8. Fluent in russian
9. PTA president
10. Travel writer

Wow, that was taxing.

The German life is good. This past weekend we celebrated the birthday of my host-Dad, Wolfgang. The celebratory meal made Thanksgiving look like a vegetarian Sunday sampler. Picture this: a pork loin wrapped in bread, which was then wrapped in ground beef and wrapped with an outer layer of bread. Oh, and I can't leave out the fact that in each end of this log was a hardboiled egg. I'm going to be pretty porky by the time I leave here.

My group of fellow Americans is getting a little restless in this town, personalities are clashing and drama is brewing. At our first 'cultural workshop' we broke into an intense discussion about race in America, an unexpected topic in a seminar aimed at addressing our culture shock in Germany. It's strange how you don't realize the cultural differences and varying perspectives in your own country until you leave it. I've never been in such a diverse group of people from the states and I love it.

On a lighter note, Reed came to visit.

It was good to see a face from home and watch him interact with my host-mother Irmgard. His name sounds very similar to the local dialects' word for the Rhein river. Whenever he entered the room her eyes lit up and she would greet him with a mighty: "RRHEEEEEE!" and then chuckle. In the mornings I could hear her saying it to herself while she made us breakfast. Reed was a big hit.

Only two more weeks left in this sleepy vacation town, then on to the bright lights of Berlin.


kritaliation said...

Please please please make the lounge singing happen! oh, and Reed is everywhere these days, I found him in New Orleans last week.

Werd said...

It's true. I found his poop all over my lawn and personal effects.