Wednesday, September 10, 2008

If it's adventures you want, it's adventures I'll give you

First I would like to take a moment to honor the great and only Chairman Meow:

A tribute, by Logan Healy

Magnificent Beast!
What is it you seek outside?
Just Dandelions.

A tribute, by Samantha King

vomit on the floor
shaped like an esophagus
cat cold ate too fast

Alright, business aside... on with the adventures!

Recently, Sunday to be exact, I finally completed a 5 day road trip from the epic and historical house commonly known to you all as the space machine, formally known as 31 Ossipee Road #2, all the way to Bryan Texas which is where I currently sit and write. It was a long drive. But, with the grace of god (buddha, allah, krishna, blue demon??) we were able to make some excellent stops along the way.

Day One :After several hours of stop and go traffic through New York we finally approached the glorious lights of DC as a close second to sunset. I was tired. I was crabby. I was in an unfamiliar city. I had a 4 month old cousin to visit before his bedtime in Alexandria. I dropped Cory off at his cousin's apartment down town and made my way thither. As it turns out, I was fortunate enough to have caught the young Dash on a night of rebellion, for the young creature was still awake upon my arrival. I was able to put in a few minutes of quality cousin time that he will never remember before he drifted off to sleep. I ate the Thai food that was graciously provided for me and I sodded off.

Getting back to the city turned out to be more difficult than leaving it. This is because on my return route I: ended up in a CIA training facility parking lot (well guarded, to my embarrassment) almost hit a deer, and barely escaped the roadkill fate myself, as I made a ill advised u-turn as a desperate measure to get on the right road, causing the car behind me to screech to a precariously fast stop to avoid hitting me. But, somehow, the night ended with me peacefully sleeping on Cory's cousin's blow-up mattress. And thus day one ended. And it was good.

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