Tuesday, September 23, 2008

third week away from the space machine

I just want to take a short moment to mention that time is passing, and I have been separated from my home at the space machine for 3 weeks now. I miss it and all of my roommates dearly. You were all so clean and considerate and we had such a responsible adult lifestyle. The Chairman is always in my thoughts and I hope that he is getting by ok with out me.
I will say though that, love him as I do, I thought it was a little bit weird that Logan Roommate taped a life sized poster of Bill Cosby's head above the mirror in my room the day he moved in, in order for me to "look in the mirror and pretend I was Bill Cosby." Um. Ok.
Oh and one day he put doll pieces displayed in a glass case in my secret closet. And I always just had a weird feeling that he was lurking in my room when I wasn't there... and then one night I came come and found him asleep in my bed. So, I guess he did lurk. And he never stopped talking about my period. To the point that he suggested that I keep in a jar in order for him to bathe in. There was also that time that Sam and he and I were going to take a pleasant road trip to CT to visit Jess and Alison and he packed a blade of grass so that he could use it to annoy me while driving... I mean, no big deal, just a little inconsiderate right? ya, I mean... LR was pretty cool... it was just once in a while, I just thought, I don't know, it was just weird. And then I would clean up, or change the litter box, or buy laundry detergent for the apartment and he would take credit for it!!! Like tell Sam that it was him. He even asked me to give him cash to chip in for the dish soap that I bought! I mean, that was the last straw. I am not complaining about him, but one day I was like Logan Roommate is cold weird, I'm the fuck out of here.

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greatest post ever.