Monday, September 29, 2008

Rocky I

In the end of the movie they say Apollo Creed won but really since he was the more experienced heavyweight and it was so close, Rocky should've been declared winner. So in Debate II Baracky will have a KO when McCain can't stay away. And then there will be montages. Lots of them. I wasn't really paying attention to the election even after watching the debate. All that talk about bracelets was just too much. BUT I just watched the SNL skit of Katie Couric's interview with what's her face and the fact that the dialogue was almost identical really did it for me. It's not that I didn't care before. But this means now I will start reading Wonkette almost as much as Sam does and will compare Drew's updates on how high John McCain has raised his arms.

Also someone yelled this out on Friday night "DOESN'T ANYBODY REALIZE HOW MUCH HE LOOKS LIKE SANDY THE SQUIRREL?!"

Sorry, Barry. I think she's right.

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