Monday, September 15, 2008

Things that had been planned in the 21 prior that don't seem to be:

1. a professional motocross racer/ bmx bike rider/ skateboarder/ snowboarder- when i was like 12 i said to myself, "at this rate, by the time I am like 21 I will be Pro"
2. an accountant
3. a guitarist
4. flexible
5. To run forward off a diving board and flip backwards
6. a country person
7. the inventor of a wildly successful and useful gimmick
8. my brother
9. able to be buried in a jewish cemetary
10. religious

Things that as of 21 may still come to be:

1. a vagrant
2. sustainable
3. burt reynolds moostache
4. victim of vices
5. live in a place where the stars show at night but doesnt suck
6. one who practices what they preach
7. an inventor/ engineer
8. an author/ poet
9. homeless
10. in good company

I haven't posted in a while but often feel that the domestic life does not warrant writing quite like traveling; so much time to think and write and miss friends and the onslaught of new sites which want to be shared. There is a tree growing out of my foot and I have returned to Northeastern University where I feel generally content though continually detached. The school has pushed a career so deeply down my throat that i have burped up something which smells more like "vagabond" than "successful". I do very much enjoy the weather and being outside throughout the day and having the option to "go". This summer has been so good- high spirits and tall glasses with late nights and perfect weather with all of you (insert adjectives here: _______) people.

Has anyone mentioned the Rave? This has to be blogged (sam, logan, kri, cough cough)

Its a long winded tale that still tastes like whiskey and rave sweat:

We started the night at Grandmas and went to see cory play at "the bar at the end of the world" which required marching through the backside of cambridge (think of inman as the sexy lower back and marching downward through the buttcrack into the grundel region of the cambridge/ somerville anatomy). Somewhere around the butthole came incredible pounding bass in the form of a Rave! We passed on, knowing that further down the road was Cory's sweet sweet... show. Returning on the same path, sam pulled out a giant bottle of whiskey and a life choice was needed to be made. On one hand, tiredness and general responsibility said to not drink that whiskey and head homeward while the other knew full well that tremendous gulps coupled with a rave under McGrath Memorial Highway would yield fruitful and headaching results. Naturally, we all drank, danced, led conga lines 30+ strong behind tractor trailers to drink more whiskey and somehow started a Limbo game using glow sticks.

From here I will pass the story on to others who attended. Stories to be divulged include:

The sack of doughnuts
What happened to Nate Hartwell?
Gogol Bordello
Why were my shorts on top of the fridge for days after?

Please carry on the torch


robert said...


Loganberry Crumble said...

The only person who knows what happened to Nate Hartwell is most likely Nate Hartwell.

Spagett! said...

The first rule of Nate Hartwell is you do not talk about Nate Hartwell.

KDHL said...

I don't expect even Nate Hartwell to know what happened to Nate Hartwell

Drew said...

Yea, Nate Hartwell never knows what happened to Nate Hartwell. Sir Not Appearing knows, of course, but that bastard NEVER talks.

harrison grrgeron said...

Nate Hartwell.

Werd said...

Are we all just saying "Nate Hartwell"?