Monday, December 1, 2008

It's Christmas in Killarney

Howya Bean Flickers, Holy Joes, Brassers and Slappers!

I would like to extend an invitation to attend our merry holliers celebration: Christmas In Killarney!!!
December 20, 2008 8pm
Each year we gather 'round a yule log, sip mulled wine and sing and dance to such classics as Up On the Rooftop, Christmas in Killarney, I'm Dreaming of a White Collar Crime this Christmas, It's Going to Be a Blue Blue Christmas Now that Daddy Lost His Job and All I Want for Christmas is YOUR Two Front Teeth (which reminds me...time for a new list?!) Seriously, though, in keeping with the tradition and spirit of Christmas In Killarney, this is going to be a moderately wholesome event. It doesn't mean you have to be wholesome, it just means you have to look wholesome and attempt to hold up a conversation for at least some portion of the evening. Bill O'Reilly would be so proud of us!

Cocktail party attire and/or the always-a-crowd-pleaser-gaudy Christmas sweaters are required. There will be ample decadent holiday treats and alcohol but don't be a greedy grinch, please byob. Oh yeah and all the heathen non-Christmas celebrators are invited too but if you even try to eat christ's body or drink his blood, you are so excommunicated from my house.

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