Monday, December 1, 2008

Lincoln: our proclamation is more fun than yours.

Whereas, the time of overlap during my trip to Berlin and Cory's trip to New Orleans was insufficient.
Whereas, proper documentation of actual fun was not presented to the public from Team New Orleans.
Whereas, John "Grandma" Racine is currently vacationing in NOLA.
Whereas, Paul Tilley's Mom has sent two batches of delicious cookies. May the record show one batch chocolate chip, the other pumpkin.
Whereas, there has been public outrage in regards to the lack of inclusion from other members of the blog-o-sphere.
Whereas, prior guidelines and point systems were hastily thrown together and not properly understood.
Whereas, Logan is competing by himself, sadly.

Therein, We hereby challenge every Sir and Madame Not Appearing to compete in a no holds bar, winner take all, Round Robin Fun Spectacular.

In addition to the prior established superlatives, we ask our fair, handsome, and charming Judge to create a point system. We suggest the following in regards to documentation:

-Verbal documentation exclusive to blogging, texting and drunk dialing, should be awarded 5 points.
-Visual documentation, exclusive to photos and sketches should be awarded 10 points.
-Audio/Visual documentation, exclusive to videos and flip-book animations should be awarded 15 points.

Any and all articles procured from strangers should be judged by their merits of awesomeness by honorary Dr. Judge Robert Wa-Bottomley.

We suggest that our fair Judge build on the strong foundations of the aforementioned superlative categories to establish a clear and defined point system that can be easily understood by the public. We also request a clear deadline to be set for all submissions in the superlative categories and a firm date for the naming and crowning of the winners of the Sir and Madame Not Appearing no holds bar, winner take all, Round Robin Fun Spectacular.

Yours Truly,

Team Berlin


Spagett! said...

This is getting complicated to the point where I don't give a fuck anymore. I think I'm just going to post all my pics on facebook and a brief summary of what I did on here. I don't have time for long winded blog posts. I am a very important business man. Also a scientist.

Spagett! said...

Pics have been posted. Posts to follow.

kritaliation said...

no one cares if you give up

Spagett! said...

Shouldn't you have been mauled by a jaguar by now? Christ.