Monday, December 1, 2008

sucking up is fine

i support your motion sam. I will work to establish more rules as I think of them (submissions certainly accepted).

i have began a growing list of categories. They are as follows, each counting for 10 points respectively (with style and creativity point multipliers available):

1. Dignity Depository

2. Visuals: props, photographs, images (preferably not of your genitals though will still take into consideration)

3. pain/ suffering

4. sexuality/ hook up/ makeout sesh with grandma, logan, or kri

5. while sober

6. day drunk

7. Bonus round / trick multipliers:

best use of the general public
best photo not of your balls
best night with nate hartwell/ joan dubinsky (if you can find either of them)
best single night
best long term facial hair
best use of cory in womans underwear
best cuddle sesh
largest stolen object
strongest drink
best bribe
worst hangover
best use of logans towel
best infringement of sir or madam not appearing into your day to day life

Post your ideas and I will enter them into the mainframe.

You may participate in the fun off regardless of your attendance at the commencement celebration through video/ teleconference (speaker phone?), or skype? The polls close December 29th with the final victor announced on the 30th so they may end their year crowned in glory, basking in the sweet glow of sams arm sweat, cory's scantilly clad red thong, nestled between grandma and drews man sized chests who have long given up and maria and kdhl being drunk and unruly... (you can finish this story if you would like... please?)

can i give a prison tattoo to the winner?

if anyone objects, ummmm, just let me know.


Loganberry Crumble said...

"best use of logans towel"

What does this mean, this is not a running joke right?

Drew said...

We have a couple of those extra categories locked up already.

Spagett! said...

Indeed. I think there's a picture of my balls floating around out there somewhere.

Spagett! said...
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Spagett! said...

By the way, I'm pretty sure Sam King is the only person I challenged to a Fun-Off. I don't know what all you other ass-clowns think you're doing. Plus, I could never beat John in a Fun-Off. John has a Fun-Off by himself every night before I even get home from work. John Racine IS Fun-Off.

kritaliation said...

umm.. first of all, it is about time logan had a running joke of his own. It's only fair, he takes such joy in those of others. Bully. Second of all, cory, don't you pay attention? Rob is in charge now, and he challenged us all. So suck it.

KDHL said...

I would like a prison tattoo regardless of whether or not we win.