Saturday, December 6, 2008

Live Blog from the Giggle Room

Currently sitting in the bath-tub in the bathroom furthest from the sleeping chamber of my hosts. I live in a world of constant fear of waking them when stumbling home drunk - this week with Sam King has only heightened this fear. To prevent this we have resorted to containing all drunken activities in the apartment to this particular room: the 'giggle room'. As of right now I'm sitting in the bath-tub and Sam the King is perched next to me on a stool "cold drinkin' white wine" at 6:28 in the morning. What have we been doing prior to this? Not important. Okay, well let us recap:

- street beers all over the place and all over 'cho face
- a well balanced diet of cultural attractions and meat products (Sam King is officially a carnivore)
- giggling
- skyping
- exploring abandoned east german childrens amusement parks
- christmas markets and mulled wine pyramids
- communism
- nude photo galleries
- did we mention meat?
- Sam's ever-lasting hunt for an accordion
- Elektro-techno-disko dance parties
- Turkish Rambo taxi drivers
- KRImmunism

Sam the King has to catch a bus in 10 minutes, we must go. We expect your concessions by sundown (+2 Greenwich Mean Time).


kritaliation said...

Sam- I am disappointed in your meat eating ways.

Paul- I long for mulled wine and christmas markets more than I can tell. Even more than my personal desire for an accordion.

robert said...

breaking edge is definately a multiplier